Express Software Manager 9.5 Preview

15 May 2010
2 minute read
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Express Software Manager 9.5 Preview

15 May 2010
2 minute read

I recently had the opportunity to preview an early release of the latest version of Express Software Manager, from Express Metrix.

The most notable development in Express Software Manager 9.5 is the new purchasing module which allows users to track purchases and reconcile invoices with the hardware and software found on the network.
Four Stages of SAM Maturity
In short, I really like what they have done. Their new modular approach to Express Software Manager is closely aligned to the maturity curve of organisations as they progress with Software Asset Management.

  1. Inventory – Gain visibility of what you have in order to manage it effectively
  2. Usage – Monitor what is being used to reduce waste
  3. Purchasing – Manage and reduce costs, maintain compliance
  4. Control – Enforce software policies and automate SAM

Express Software Manager 9.5 Highlights

  • Input hardware and software purchases as they occur
  • Assign purchases to users or machines, and allocate to organizational groups
  • Reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets on the fly
  • Reporting on Microsoft Virtualisation (Linking VM’s to Host for easier identification)

Best of all – I really liked the way they highlight the gaps. It allows users to answer the question “What have I missed?” – For example, “What have we bought that is not on the network or is not being used?” Or, “Show me hardware that is not yet assigned to users.”

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As with their previous version the software is designed from a day-to-day tasks and workflow perspective (See right hand side of screenshot). Express Metrix has a strong foundation in the SAM market and this is sure to consolidate that position.

If I were in their shoes I would open up their software reconciliation engine and purchasing module to accept feeds from other inventory systems (which are mostly commoditized these days) and open their software up to a much larger market.

Express Software Manager Version 9.5 will be available at the end of May.  See more here.

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