The Ryder Cup For SAM Tools?

12 October 2010
2 minute read
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The Ryder Cup For SAM Tools?

12 October 2010
2 minute read

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I am currently assessing SAM tools for the 2011 SAM Software Review due to be published shortly.

Plotting the headquarters for each vendor on a map of the world demonstrates a roughly even split between the Americas and Europe. It will be interesting to see which vendors come out on top! Will European SAM vendors follow the recent Ryder Cup success with a win over the US?

The current tentative list comprises of vendors from:

  • USA – 7
  • Germany – 3
  • Canada – 2
  • UK – 2
  • Denmark – 1
  • Sweden – 1

A full list of vendors participating can be found here.

It is good to see that the SAM software industry is not overly dominated by Silicon Valley and has a good spread of companies around the globe. However I seek further diversification and would love to be able to add software vendors from South America, South Africa, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand to future reports.

Vendors Not Participating

  • Incomplete Assessments – BigFix, Complyman, LANDesk, Certero
  • Politely Declined – Concorde, HP, Right2Use, RMS
  • No Reply – Adlon Software, Eracent, IBM, Kaseya, Phoenix Software, Symantec, Xassets

The report will be published at the end of October / Start of November 2010 – please subscribe to The ITAM Review newsletter to be notified when it is published.

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