The ITAM Review Launches Virtual User Group (VUG)

26 April 2011
2 minute read
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The ITAM Review Launches Virtual User Group (VUG)

26 April 2011
2 minute read

One of the recurring themes in the reader survey back in February was that ITAM Review readers simply wanted to connect with each other.

Whilst there are forums and LinkedIn discussions available on the Internet the business practice of ITAM contains commercially sensitive subjects and not all companies are happy to discuss issues in a public forum.

Similarly, many of the public forums also contain service providers and tool vendors. I’m not against companies promoting their services and I believe service providers with implementation experience have a huge amount to add to the industry, but sometimes promotion tends to muddy the water and dilute the original discussion.

End User Only User Group

The Virtual User Group for ITAM Review readers is now live. Thank you to all the ITAM professionals worldwide who provided their feedback and contributed towards the user group platform.

Virtual User Group Overview

  • End User Organizations Only
  • Collaborative – users can give and receive help
  • Connect with fellow professionals
  • Messaging between users
  • Adjustable Privacy Settings
  • Sub-groups for special interest groups or local meet-ups
  • Private forum
  • Individual blogs
  • Useful Documents Wiki
  • Membership is free


If you have any questions please contact me.

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