Paid Reviewers Required at The ITAM Review

17 June 2011
2 minute read
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Paid Reviewers Required at The ITAM Review

17 June 2011
2 minute read

Paid Reviewers Required

I am looking to build a panel of reviewers to help me review technology and services in the IT Asset Management marketplace.

The review process includes:

  1. Watching a webinar
  2. Logging into a system or when appropriate installing an application for evaluation
  3. Completing a short questionnaire
  4. Writing a review about your opinion and experiences with the product or service (about 500 words)

This role is ideally suited to ITAM professionals in full time employment who enjoy learning about new technology, can articulate their opinion clearly and would like to earn a little extra cash in exchange for their time.

It is anticipated that the review process will take less than four hours in total. The review can be completed in stages in order to fit around other professional, personal or family commitments. Similarly I am flexible around the volume of reviews completed by each reviewer.

Reviewers will receive £250.00 (~US$400, ~280 EUR) for each completed review.

Qualifying Criteria for Reviewers:

  1. Geography is not important. All work will be completed via a web browser, a home PC and email.
  2. You must have recent experience working in an end user organization within the field of IT Management or IT Asset Management.
  3. This is a personal assignment, you do not need to mention the company you work for in the review but I will need to publish certain credentials to validate the review.
  4. Payment will be made via Paypal or the equivalent amount in online vouchers e.g. Amazon gift certificates.
  5. Reviewers must have good written English skills.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

To apply or learn more please contact me using the form on this page detailing your experience in the ITAM Industry.

Alternatively please contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks & Regards, Martin

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