ITAM vs. ITSM [Your Feedback Required Please]

04 August 2011
2 minute read
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ITAM vs. ITSM [Your Feedback Required Please]

04 August 2011
2 minute read

The ITAM Review will be 3 in November.

As a father to young children I can see certain similarities in development. The end of my terrible twos are in sight (Saying no a lot, whining and throwing temper tantrums).

Bring on the tiresome threes! (Speaks in sentences, undresses with assistance, has imaginary companions…)

To celebrate my third milestone I will be launching a new sister site to The ITAM Review, imaginatively titled ‘The ITSM Review’.

Why the ITSM Review?

  • I have a genuine interest in the market and technology
  • I think there is significant overlap between ITAM and ITSM which are not commonly realized
  • There is significant overlap between vendors – with some ITSM vendors claiming to do SAM but missing the target and SAM vendors missing core workflow and process provision.

I see ITAM and ITSM like the sales and marketing departments. They have different priorities, different paradigms and talk different languages but ultimately they need to get along.

ITAM can bring ITSM accountability, visibility and accuracy. ITSM can bring ITAM process, efficiency and making ITAM a strategic business-as-usual function with kudos rather than a reactive ancillary project.

Learning ITSM from Scratch

As with The ITAM Review, my hope is to focus less on ‘What to do’ and more on ‘How to do it’.

I don’t claim to be an expert at ITSM (or ITAM for that matter – I prefer the term ‘enthusiast‘ 🙂 ) but I am very curious about the technology and the overlaps and opportunities for further integration with ITAM. I look forward to learning the market from the ground up.

In order to shape the future content of the new site I would very much appreciate it if you could answer a short survey. Your answers will help me ensure the new site provides useful content. Alternatively please contact me to share your views. Thanks very much in advance for your time.

Your Feedback is Required Please

ITAM vs. ITSM Survey

(Only 4 Questions, Estimated < 5 Minutes)

I will compile a summary of the results and distribute it to everyone who completes the survey.

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