Easing Inventory Admin Annoyance, Absolutely

13 June 2012
2 minute read
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Easing Inventory Admin Annoyance, Absolutely

13 June 2012
2 minute read

Absolute Software has released its Computrace 5.11 firmware-embedded persistent endpoint security and management solution. With a specific remit to try and address the governance and compliance requirements in data security management today, the company notes that the new version of its product features the ability to record users’ device serial numbers for greater efficiencies while performing asset inventory administration tasks.

The new tool will also help create an ‘End-of-Life Data Delete’ certificate to prove compliance in any user scenario. This new certificate is generated upon the successful completion of an End-of-Life Data Delete command in the Absolute Customer Center console.

How does it work?

The certificate is signed by the customer and retained as proof that no data remains on the device after it was decommissioned, providing customers with the ability to prove compliance with corporate and government regulations.

“To decommission computers today, organisations either need to manually delete the machine via a complex un-automated and non-centralised process, or they need to rely upon their recyclers to do it for them. Both processes, in addition to being cumbersome, are prone to human error,” states John Livingston, chairman and CEO of Absolute Software.

“Our customers have expressed their frustration with this compliance risk. In response, we have now provided them with a cloud-based centralised and automated solution to simply and cost effectively solve this data risk for them.”

A Computrace data delete command provides IT administrators with the ability to remotely delete data from devices regardless of user or location.

Data delete commands can be:

  • stealthy” so unauthorised users are unaware until after deployment;
  • perpetual” so the data on a missing or stolen device can never be accessed again;
  • granular” so only specific documents and data are deleted;
  • …and “enforceable” to ensure IT policies are complied with when decommissioning or repurposing a computer.

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