An Oracle review letter

03 March 2016
2 minute read
Best practice

An Oracle review letter

03 March 2016
2 minute read
Oracle review letter

Oracle review letter – CLICK TO ENLARGE

The image right (click to enlarge it) is a dummy Oracle review letter from Oracle LMS asking our friends at Browbeaten Corp to participate in yet another pesky ‘Review’.

A PDF version is here.

For real life letters check out the legal testimony provided in the recent Mars vs. Oracle case – links and details in this blog post (Mars vs. Oracle).

Looks friendly enough? How should we respond?

Questions to consider when addressing Oracle review letters:

  • How should you acknowledge this letter? Should you even bother acknowledging it?
  • Is it a fishing exercise or contractual request for audit?
  • Who should I speak to within my organization to respond to this letter?
  • How should I respond?
  • Do I need to respond within the 10 days specified? Can I set the agenda or do I need to work to their agenda?
  • Are they really an impartial team? Surely they have commercial revenue targets to hit?

We will cover these questions and much more at our free audit defence workshop in Amsterdam on 12th April, more details here:

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