New SAP license management certification

11 April 2017
2 minute read
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New SAP license management certification

11 April 2017
2 minute read

This article provides an introduction to a new commercial offering from The ITAM Review, a SAP License Management Certification.

Certification of SAP License Management Tooling

ITAM Review’s SAP License Management Certification is designed to help worldwide ITAM Review readers identify tools suitable for managing SAP Licensing and provide tool providers with an independent verification of their SAP License Management features.

  • The certification allows tool providers to use an ITAM Review SAP License Management Certified logo for marketing purposes.
  • The certification objectively assesses tool capabilities against open, published standards as decided by ITAM Review readers.

Note: This is a certification against a standard not a comparison. In contrast to previous reviews by The ITAM Review tools will either pass or fail and will not be compared to each other.

A community assessment – the assessment criteria for the SAP License Management criteria is decided by SAP customers

If you are an IT Asset Management Professional

The ITAM Review SAP License Management certification helps you identify tools that support your management of SAP License risk. It provides the confidence to buyers to highlight those tools that not only have the features required to manage SAP but that the features have been supported by trusted professional references of customers using the tools in live environments.

If you are a SAP License Management Tool Provider

The ITAM Review is a trusted independent community for ITAM, SAM and Software Licensing professionals since 2008. ITAM Review read our published reviews as the first step in their tool selection shortlisting process.

The SAP License Management Certification badge and listing is a means to verify the quality of your tool and quality of business benefits delivered to prospective buyers.

SAP License Management Certification


  • Letter of Certification and Certification Logo for usage within marketing materials
  • Joint press announcement
  • Listing on the ITAM Review website “Certified Tools” page
  • Independent review published on Tools Advisor (for Silver listing subscribers)


Certification lasts for two years, after which tool providers can renew their Certification or remove the Certification from their marketing materials.

To learn more about the certification process and assessment criteria please contact us.

Thanks ~ Martin

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