New UK Microsoft Licensing Training Course

24 April 2017
2 minute read

New UK Microsoft Licensing Training Course

24 April 2017
2 minute read

We’re excited to announce our latest training offering for 2017 – a one day UK Microsoft Licensing Training Course, delivered by Microsoft Licensing Expert Rich Gibbons.

This is an ideal session if you and your organisation would benefit from more information on licensing the datacenter, licensing the desktop and user, or licensing the cloud.

Join us the day before our 2017 UK annual conference on 12th June in London at etc Venues Avonmouth House, for a day of Microsoft training which will give you clarity across your whole organisation. 

Topics will include:

  •       Windows Server 2016 Core Licensing
  •       Office 365 Plans – What are they and what’s in them?
  •       Changes to the MPSA
  •       Licensing in the Cloud
  •       Hybrid Licensing
  •       Licensing Microsoft Azure
  •       SQL Server 2016 (inc. Failover and Cloud licensing)
  •       Licensing Windows 10
  •       Software Assurance
  •       Premium Assurance
  •       And more…

When it comes to Microsoft and SAM, you want to know:

  • Am I correctly licensed now?
  • Will I continue to be correctly licensed as my organisation transforms?
  • Where can I limit risk?
  • How can I reduce costs?
  • What does Cloud mean for me?

Attend this interactive session to learn the answers to these questions and many more.

We have a special bundle price for UK Annual Conference & Microsoft Licensing Training attendees.

Click here for more information and for how to book.


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