Podcast Episode 38: ITAM Beyond the IT Department

31 May 2017
2 minute read
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Podcast Episode 38: ITAM Beyond the IT Department

31 May 2017
2 minute read

In this podcast I am joined by ITAM Review supporter and contributor, Danny Begg. Danny currently works as a SAM Technical Specialist at Home Retail Group PLC so I was keen to learn more about the companies approach to SAM and how he manages spend outside of the IT department.

Podcast Topics

  • Getting into IT
  • First SAM Role
  • The Home Retail Group PLC
  • Approach to SAM
  • Over licensing
  • Event led SAM
  • Centralising purchasing
  • Spend outside of IT
  • Contributing to the ITAM industry

The ITAM Review UK Conference 2017

Danny will be hosting a workshop on day 1 of our UK Conference:

Licensing in the Cloud Stream Workshop: How to combat sharp practices from software publishers

Returning to the ITAM Review Annual Conference for the second year, in his 2017 workshop Danny will address some of the challenges that ITAM professionals face as software vendor customers.

The way software vendors act towards their customers is often contrary to a typical vendor/customer relationship. Sometimes the actions that vendors take seem not only immoral, but even at times appear to border on the edges of legality.

In this interactive session, Danny will share some of his experiences and how he managed to overcome the challenges he faced. Delegates will have the opportunity to engage in an open discussion to share experiences and advice with their peers in order to better prepare for future vendor meetings.

Come and meet Danny and attend her expert session at The Kia Oval London on 13th & 14th June. 


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