Review: Raynet RayVentory (Inventory and Discovery)

25 July 2017
2 minute read
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Review: Raynet RayVentory (Inventory and Discovery)

25 July 2017
2 minute read

This review provides an overview of the Raynet RayVentory Tool, its competitive strengths and weaknesses and a short analysis.

At a Glance

RayVentory is a versatile inventory and discovery solution for comprehensive visibility of complex networks, via agent or agentless, from desktop to datacenter.

Strengths & Weaknesses



· Comprehensive inventory solution for large enterprises


· Limited references and market awareness


· Versatile deployment and scanning mechanisms


· Reporting could be stronger


· Customer focused roadmap and development ethic


· Deep systems management expertise



High level overview of functionality for RayVentory:

  • Agent based and agentless inventory
  • Dependency scanning
  • Advanced discovery (e.g. DHCP)
  • Software recognition
  • Datacenter inventory
  • Inventory of virtual environments
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, HP-UX, Linux, UNIX, Apple, etc.)
  • Low bandwith agent
  • Multi-tier agent infrastructure

Customer Reviews

‘We have used the entire RayManageSoft Suite for the last 13 years and it has served us very well during that time. RayVentory is a part of RayManageSoft and it has been a very valuable tool in allowing us to understand what software is in our environment, helping us save on licensing true-ups by preventing us from over-purchasing.’

‘Easy implementation / Inventory methods are explained by Raynet and depend upon the category (vendor, SW, HW)/ Raynet’s professional services are rendered in a reliant and targeted way for the various categories and are based on experience.’


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