Introducing - ITAM Review SaaS Market Guide

26 July 2018
2 minute read
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Introducing - ITAM Review SaaS Market Guide

26 July 2018
2 minute read

The ITAM Review are delighted to announce the publication of a Market Guide for SaaS Optimisation & Subscription Management tools. This is the first in a series of Market Guides, to be published monthly, looking at various aspects of the ITAM tools and services market.

Future guides will include;

IaaS Optimisation
ITAM Operations Automation
Risk Management
Secondary Software Market

We’ll also look at vendor-specific modules for Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and IBM license & compliance management. A trend we also expect to see continue is the overlap between ITAM, IT Security Operations, and Regulatory Compliance and as tools emerge in this space we will also cover those.

You can access the SaaS Optimisation Market Guide here

So, what is a Market Guide?

In short, it provides a long-list for you to go shopping. They are not a deep-dive into a product feature set, and do not feature all vendors in that market. They will be free to participate in, and also free to view. In time we will include your feedback provided via Marketplace reviews as part of the vendor overview. Content may vary slightly based on the market being highlighted but in general a Guide will include background information on the company, a brief description of relevant capabilities, and our view of what the key differentiators for a particular product are.

Call to action

If you are a vendor with an offering in any of the above markets please contact me for potential inclusion in future guides. If you are a user of tools, please submit reviews via the Marketplace so I can include your views alongside mine. We attempt to include a wide range of tools in our Market Guides, making them truly worldwide and also appropriate regardless of your company size. Some markets, such as the SaaS Optimisation market, are highly dynamic and innovative, with startups scrabbling for a slice of market share. Others may only be open to incumbent players with years of expertise and product development behind their offerings.

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