Winning an ITAM Review Excellence Award

16 August 2018
6 minute read
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Winning an ITAM Review Excellence Award

16 August 2018
6 minute read

Last November, we celebrated the winners of our 2017 Excellence Awards at our annual Gala Dinner. Let’s have a recap:

We asked them a few questions around their win and the importance of voting:

What does it mean to win the award?

Chris Morgan: ‘Winning the innovation of the year award, as chosen by a group of our leading peers in the industry whilst up against some strong opposition from industry leaders has meant a great deal to us. Bringing change and innovation to an established industry is never an easy thing to do, receiving support in this way has provided a huge source of inspiration to continue our battle to make this industry risk free, permanently.’

Gemma Walker: ‘Validation for many years hard work in an area which is often considered secondary to the bigger “sales” picture.’  

Rory Canavan: ‘It’s hugely humbling – to be nominated made me feel like a winner already; and it’s fired me up to push on to win another award!’

Snow Software: ‘We were really delighted to win the ITAM Tool Provider of the Year, especially as it was judged via a public vote. We were very pleased and proud that our customers and partners so enthusiastically endorsed us.’

SoftwareOne: ‘For SoftwareONE, winning the ITAM Review Partner of the Year, has been both a confirmation from our customers and the industry that our approach is recognised as best in class, as well as showing that our tireless efforts towards quality and innovation are being realised both internally within SoftwareONE and the industry. It has also helped foster a closer relationship with the ITAM Review and jointly raise both organisations profiles.’

What impact has winning made?

Chris Morgan: ‘As a new start company in 2017, it certainly helped put us on the map, open new partnerships and sales, as well as finding new investors.’

Gemma Walker: ‘Well I have a nice logo on my auto-signature! It’s a good for my personal profile when speaking to customers, and also for the business as a whole in promoting the skills within our business’

Rory Canavan: ‘From a social media perspective the award has definitely raised my profile, and I find myself speaking with people, who perhaps, (before the award) might have said “Rory who?!”  I don’t think the ripples/ positive vibes from this have quite finished yet.’

Snow Software: ‘Snow is a leading SAM solutions provider with a very active community of customers and partners. Naturally it’s always helpful to gain industry recognition of this kind. As organisations research SAM vendors and look at many different sources of validation before they make a purchase, the ITAM Review, as a vendor neutral independent analyst house, is one source that is important to them and therefore this endorsement of Snow Software provides a strong influence.’

SoftwareOne: ‘We have been able to use this accolade in our go to market efforts to help customers ratify their decision in choosing SoftwareONE. Marketing this award, along with our others, has allowed us to create a constant marketing swell and helps to keep customers focused on how they benchmark and understand a Service Providers capabilities.’

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of making a nomination?

Chris Morgan: ‘These awards really do make a difference to the people receiving them, regardless of if they win or lose. Recognising excellence, be it innovation, individual or project is a wonderful way to say thank you or acknowledge effort, and who knows they might win!’

Gemma Walker: ‘If someone has spent that extra 30 minutes on a call, spent a couple of extra hours to support your business, given you the most useful advice which has created a saving then nominate that person. They are probably too busy at work to get noticed by their colleagues who think they are part of the furniture and just enjoy the benefit without realising this takes real time and effort to produce.’

Rory Canavan: ‘Go for it – peer awards are few and far between in the ITAM space, so to take 2 minutes out of your day to put someone’s name forward will make the day/ week/ month of someone who is nominated.’

Snow Software: ‘It’s worth taking the time and effort to compile your entry for an award, as this helps highlight those organisations that deliver excellence which helps set and raise the bar on the industry standard. Being nominated by a fellow ITAM expert will make it all the more meaningful for them if they win. The ITAM Excellence Awards are well recognised as one of the honours to get. It certainly helps open extra doors and adds to the career path of any SAM practitioner.’

SoftwareOne: ‘These awards do have benefit and should be held in high-regard, therefore not just nominating a good person/organisation, but rather a great person/organisation who has truly gone above and beyond for customers or the industry.’



Help us showcase ITAM industry excellence and inspire others by submitting an entry for our ITAM Review Excellence Awards.

These are a great, free, way to get external validation for yourself or your team. It’s great for raising the profile internally and building momentum in your ITAM practice. We’re often not great at blowing our own trumpets but this is a perfect way to shine a light on your achievements, get recognised in the industry and trumpet your achievements internally.

So, if you know someone that has done an outstanding job (including yourself or your team!) and should be recognised within the industry, submit your nomination today. Deadline for submissions is Friday 28th September 2018.


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