2018 Australian Conference: Agenda confirmed, last call on early bird offer!

19 September 2018
2 minute read
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2018 Australian Conference: Agenda confirmed, last call on early bird offer!

19 September 2018
2 minute read

The agenda is confirmed for our 2nd annual ITAM Review Australian conference in Sydney on the 27th and 28th November.

The best ITAM education and networking opportunity in Australasia

Our speakers include ITAM Review analysts, end user practitioners, and globally renowned experts.

It’s the number one learning and networking opportunity for SAM, ITAM and Licensing professionals in Australasia. Enjoy informal networking and connect with our end user audience in the fabulous city of Sydney.


In a nutshell:

  • Who: The ITAM Review
  • What: 2nd Annual Australian Conference
  • Where: University of Technology (UTS), Sydney
  • When: Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th November 2018
  • How: Book online or via invoice

Next Generation ITAM

We’ve witnessed the ascendancy of the ITAM profession in the last two decades as it has progressed from a predominantly record keeping function, to a strategic advisory role. In a business world increasingly underpinned by IT, ITAM will be integral to all future technical design and project decision-making.

Attend this event to discover how next generation ITAM professionals can manage IT asset portfolios more strategically in order to serve the interests of the whole company, not just IT. We will examine how they can deliver beyond compliance, ensuring efficient IT spend and smarter decision making across the whole business.

Useful Links:

Additional Learning

  • 26th November – Oracle Licensing Training Course led by Richard Spithoven
  • 26th November – Microsoft Licensing Training Course led by Rich Gibbons

Training and conference packages available – please contact us for details.

Early Bird Last Call

Our early bird offer ends at the end of September.

If you have any questions or to place an order via invoice please contact the team: https://itassetmanagement.net/contact/

We very muck look forward to seeing you there!

Cheers, Martin

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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