ITAM Review expands into Japan in partnership with GRCS

31 January 2019
3 minute read
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ITAM Review expands into Japan in partnership with GRCS

31 January 2019
3 minute read

The ITAM Review and GRCS Inc – new partnership announced

The ITAM Review has today announced a strategic partnership with compliance and governance specialist GRCS Inc. to address demand for ITAM education in Japan.

The Japanese IT Asset Management market is growing in maturity with a developing set of challenges and opportunities. The ITAM Review and GRCS Inc. have come together to put their expertise and experience together to provide these SAM/ITAM related training and resources while strengthening each other’s business development and alliances.

The two companies will share content, expertise and networks in order to create a greater level of ITAM education and maturity within the Japanese market place.

An announcement will be forthcoming with regards to a 2019 ITAM Review Japan Conference as well as further joint educational offerings.

“Our aim in this partnership is to share content, expertise and networks to create a high level of ITAM education within the Japanese marketplace” Said Martin Thompson, Owner of The ITAM Review. “We are excited to see this partnership flourish and for the level of ITAM maturity to grow within Japan”

“We GRCS, in collaboration with the ITAM Review, hope to stimulate the ITAM market in Japan while delivering on the expectations of Japanese users, and provide content, training and consultations that no other company in Japan have ever provided.” Commented GRCS CEO Yoshikazu Sasaki.

About The ITAM Review

The ITAM Review is 100% privately owned, vendor and service provider independent and impartial. Their purpose is to provide an independent, unbiased view of the SAM, ITAM and Software Licensing market and to provide a community for everyone in the industry to share their expertise, feedback and opinions of the technology and services in the market for the benefit of others. The ITAM Review also hosts events, provides education and independently verifies tools and service providers.

About GRCS

(Governance, Risk, Compliance, Security) provide business solutions intended to reduce complex risk in an integrated manner. The company offers consultation as well as tools to help with this risk mitigation.

The ITAM Review’s Global Community

As an internet born digital platform, we’ve been fortunate to attract a global audience from the outset. We’re passionate about the growth and reach of ITAM as a business practice and are keen to support its growth for all the countries our readers reside.

We’ve witnessed first-hand both the growing maturity of ITAM, from administrative to strategic and increasing influence and senior management visibility – we’re keen to share that progression to countries with less mature ITAM practices. Some of our readers have less mature ITAM functions, with less awareness of the bottom line benefits and very different experiences with suppliers – by sharing intelligence we can help the industry improve.

Networking is also a key part of our mandate – nothing is more rewarding than bringing ITAM community members together and facilitating connections. Our mission is to be the number one online destination for worldwide ITAM professionals, and we’re very pleased to extend our events, training and publishing into new territories.

If you have any questions, interest in this alliance or if you are interested in a similar alliance in your territory please contact me.

Thanks, Martin

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