2019 Salary and Skills Survey

28 February 2019
3 minute read
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2019 Salary and Skills Survey

28 February 2019
3 minute read

How does your salary compare to your ITAM industry peers? How big is your team and the resources available to you compared to others in the industry? Do you have the right skillset to equip you for the future?

Your feedback is required!

Please participate in our ITAM Review community survey into salaries, skills, resources and trends.

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Update  (7th June 2019): View the final results here: https://itassetmanagement.net/2019/06/07/2019-itam-salary-and-skills-survey-the-results/

By participating in the 2019 salary and skills survey you’ll be able to compare your current salary, skills and the size of your team to other companies.

The 2019 salary survey will also compare data to our previous salary survey back in 2014 and 2017.

Objectives of our salary survey

Questions we are looking to answer with your help: 

  • How long have ITAM Review readers been working in the ITAM field?
  • What qualifications, certifications and skills are most popular?
  • How much do they earn, by gender, country, vertical industry and experience?
  • How satisfied are they with their ITAM career and what do they see as their next move?

Why Participate?

  • It only takes a few minutes to complete
  • Get a free copy of the research delivered to your inbox
  • Learn how your role, team and company compare to others
  • Your details will not be shared (view our privacy policy here)

Visit this link to complete the survey:

START THE SURVEY (now closed)

Matt Fisher, Livingstone Technologies

Matt Fisher, Livingstone Technologies

This survey has been kindly sponsored by Livingstone Technologies.

Commenting on the survey, Matt Fisher, CCO at Livingstone said:

“There is a widely-acknowledged global shortage in SAM skills.  It’s a challenge that cannot be addressed solely by tools or automation: there is a need for skilled individuals to interpret data, apply their specialist licensing or data processing knowledge and ‘sell’ the benefits to the organization.

We are committed to promoting the awareness of – and need for – skilled SAM practitioners.  At the same time, we firmly believe that SAM is not one skill, but a collection of disparate capabilities that must be combined to create an effective SAM function. 

We hope this survey will help raise the profile of the SAM function as well as help SAM practitioners themselves identify opportunities to better work together, overcome skills shortages and drive increased value to the organization.”

Thanks in advance for your help. Martin

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