ITAM in Banking Working Group – Call for Volunteers

13 December 2019
3 minute read
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ITAM in Banking Working Group – Call for Volunteers

13 December 2019
3 minute read

ITAM in Banking Working Group

We announced the launch of a new not-for-profit trade body last month, with a call for volunteers to a trustee board to oversee its operation.

I’m pleased to say we’ve received a very positive response from ITAM professionals around the globe and will be pushing ahead with the organisation in 2020.

As a recap, the objectives of this organisation are to:

  1. To be a caretaker of the new organisational certification program to allow organisations to demonstrate the quality of their ITAM practices
  2. To educate and evangelise – to encourage more companies to do ITAM and to attract new professionals into the industry

More details on the announcement can be found here.

Banking Working Group – Call for Volunteers

By working collaboratively, we can help address some of the most pressing challenges facing ITAM professionals working in the banking sector.

Working Groups provide a unique opportunity to bring together like-minded professionals to focus on areas of common interest. This working group will allow ITAM professionals to explore new ideas, conduct research and develop new ITAM industry guidance on specific topics.

Working group objective:

The scope, ground rules and final objectives will be set by the group itself – but the goal is to identify common best practice for ITAM in banking, and in particular, how could an organisational certification for ITAM alleviate some of the burden of banking industry regulation and governance surrounding management of IT Assets.

Why participate?

  1. Help shape the future of ITAM in the banking sector
  2. Volunteer for a not-for-profit group – driven by members for the benefit of members
  3. Learn of fresh perspectives and alternative views to your own challenges in the banking sector
  4. Build new connections and network

How to participate

  • Meetings will be held in-person and via conference call (banks in UK and USA have already expressed an interest; we are open to new locations based on demand)
  • The group will operate under the principle of the Chatham House rule
  • The group is open to ITAM SMEs within the Banking sector from end user organisations only
  • Please email to express your interest or ping me on LinkedIn.

Working groups for ITAM in Healthcare and Public Sector will follow, if you would like to set up a working group for your industry vertical, city or locale – please contact us.

Thanks, Martin

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