What are ITAM Review Certifications?

18 November 2020
3 minute read
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What are ITAM Review Certifications?

18 November 2020
3 minute read

When the ITAM Review was founded one of our aims was to provide reviews of ITAM tools and services. We do this via our Marketplace where you can find reviews of tools and services by ITAM Review Analysts and your peers. If you’ve submitted a review for a tool, thank you so much for helping your peers make informed purchase decisions. We’re always on the lookout for more reviews – if you’d like to submit one for an ITAM-related tool or service you can do so via this form. Reviews are verified and can be published anonymously if you wish.

Alongside the Reviews section of Marketplace we also certify ITAM tools and services. The purpose of Certification is to show that a tool or service is fit-for-purpose. We do this by assessing the tool or service against community-sourced Certification Standards. We keep these standards up to date based on your feedback and our analysis of the changing requirements for tooling. Currently, we have certifications for the following tool and service categories:

Inventory & Discovery

Enterprise SAM Tools (new!)

SAP License Management

Oracle Database License Management (new!)

Enterprise SaaS Management (new!)

Click the links to read the accompanying standards.

The ITAM Review Certification Process

Any tool or service provider can apply to The ITAM Review to have their product certified against our standards. The certification process consists of the following:

  • Detailed Questionnaire
  • Demo/Q&A with ITAM Review Analyst
  • ITAM Review Analyst interviews with 2 customer references

By taking this approach we get to see the tool in action from the experts and also verify that it “does what it says on the tin” in real-world usage. We find that the customer references are invaluable in estimating real-world return on investment.

The output from the process is a certification which is valid for two years – assuming of course that the product meets the criteria. A comprehensive analyst report is provided along with a certification certificate.

If you would like to submit your tool or service for certification, or would like further details on the certification programme please contact support@itassetmanagement.net

Currently certified tools and services

For a full list of certified tools and services please see https://itassetmanagement.net/marketplace/certifications/

Contributions welcome

We are expanding our certification programme in 2021 and beyond, starting with a standard for MS SQL Server license management. If there is a tool or service category you’d like us to develop a certification for please contact support@itassetmanagement.net. Likewise, if you have improvement suggestions for our existing standards please contact us via the same link. We’re on a mission to provide independent expert guidance on tools and services and your help is vital in meeting that goal.

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