Building internal markets for unused IT Assets

11 May 2021
2 minute read
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Building internal markets for unused IT Assets

11 May 2021
2 minute read

Rheaply, online platform for unused assets (Source: Rheaply demo)

If you have ever suffered from the problem of having to buy an asset again, because you simply can’t find the original, then Rheaply is worth investigating.

Born from underutilisation of assets in University environments, this platform could be very valuable for all sorts of assets a company owns, including IT assets.

In a nutshell, Rheaply allows you to create an internal marketplace for your assets to reuse internally, then if they are not used internally, they can be offered to external channels such as remanufacture or reuse.

Listings on the platform could be for surplus products or licensing, rentals that you are happy to hire out to others internally and requests for wanted assets.

A novel approach to unused IT Assets

I think it’s a novel idea to a common problem, and a great way for organisations of all shapes and sizes to save time and money.

Rheaply’s “Asset Exchange Manager” offers an online marketplace, messaging app for facilitating transactions, gamification to increase participation and reporting to track transactions and trends in your organisation.

The approach is a more sustainable way to manage IT assets, as you are naturally prolonging the useful life and ensuring unused IT assets continue to find use somewhere else, recovering some value from the asset and avoiding landfill. On the software licensing side, there is always a battle with reclaiming assets and departments being territorial over ownership – this encourages giving up ownership by allowing departments to claw back a little bit of revenue.

On the demand side, organisations taking advantage of a platform like this could source from internally first, thus reducing procurement costs and avoiding company waste.

Great innovation, one to watch.

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