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Salesforce licensing guide

Getting started with Salesforce licensing. Salesforce is considered by many to be the originator of SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing and, as such, becoming under-licensed isn’t the primary concern for SAM & ITAM professionals – rather, it’s becoming over-licensed.

One of the significant challenges in managing Salesforce licenses is ensuring that you have a complete overview of users and their licenses – of various sorts. Without this overview, it can be hard to know which licenses are costing you more than is needed, which you can reclaim and reassign, and which you can offload during your next contract negotiations.

This is all made more difficult by the fact that Salesforce is often purchased by individual business units such as Sales, Marketing, HR etc., rather than via central IT procurement. A lack of central oversight can lead to orphaned licenses, out of control costs, and a weakened negotiating position.

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