Change Makers Series - Desiree Weiss, Excellence Award winning SAP Consultant

21 October 2021
2 minute read

Change Makers Series - Desiree Weiss, Excellence Award winning SAP Consultant

21 October 2021
2 minute read

Desiree Weiss

ITAM Review Podcast: Change Makers Series

In this latest episode, we speak with Desiree Weiss who won the “Specialist or Consultant of the Year Award” at the 2020 ITAM Excellence Awards.

Desiree is a consultant licensing specialist with a particular focus on – and interest in –  the publisher SAP.

Helpful, courteous, resourceful and tenacious are just some of the words Desiree’s clients use to describe her passion for all things SAP. She has worked in IT Procurement (“I like to discuss things and negotiate.”) and in service excellence and service management, learning more about IT service management (ITSM).

And where does this passion come from?

“The conversations with SAP to achieve the best for the customer…I think that is my passion, my real passion.”

In this 12-minute podcast, we speak with Desiree about:

  • Where her passion for SAP comes from
  • How she gains trust with her clients
  • Interesting projects she’s worked on
  • How ITAM has shifted from a reactive activity to a proactive one

We also asked Desiree what SAP customers can do to ready themselves for an audit…how can they prepare? She suggests that customers:

  • Request the entitlement list as this is the base for every audit
  • Check and compare what is in the contract versus the entitlement list
  • Run, at least once and at minimum, six months in advance, a test measurement. This provides enough time to see and understand the situation.
    • Is there a peak? If so, did this happen or why is this continuing to happen? Is there a particular project happening that is causing this? Talk to the owner of application(s) responsible.
  • Lastly, look into the transactions to see what users are really doing, and this can be done manually…a tool isn’t necessary.

“With all this, you can have a good look at your compliance state and take the respective actions before, a minimum of three months before, the audit might happen or the next measurement needs to be sent.”

Hosts: Martin Thompson and Jennifer Carr.

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