Welcome to the new ITAM Review website!

20 October 2022
6 minute read
ITAM News & Analysis

Welcome to the new ITAM Review website!

20 October 2022
6 minute read

Many seismic events took place in 2008. Barack Obama was elected as America’s first ever African-American president, China played host to the Olympic games for the first time, and the world was plunged into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. And in a small corner of the internet, a new website dedicated to the ITAM industry published its very first article.

Over 1,800 articles later, and this little website has evolved into something quite different.

What is new on the new ITAM Review website?

The much beloved ITAM Review website has been well overdue a nap. Well, as you can now see, after a little gestation period in its cocoon, it has emerged as a beautiful butterfly. At least we hope you think so too.

As beautiful as this is, we also appreciate change can be a little jarring, so we have prepared this short guide to explain how the new site works, what we have changed, and why.

We redesigned the site with a few goals in mind:

  • To make it visually more appealing and bring its aesthetic up-to-date (2008 was a lifetime ago when it comes to website design)
  • Improve the overall user experience irrespective of the device you’re using
  • To make it easier to find the content you care about, while also serving you more relevant content you might otherwise have missed
  • Give us more flexibility in the way content is presented so that articles are more engaging for our readers
  • Rebrand baby. Are you digging the new Vogue vibe?


The “news first” nature of the original website no longer reflected the broader range of content and services that the ITAM Review group now provides. So, in place of the continuous news feed, the homepage now shows selected featured articles, upcoming events and links to the ITAM Review’s numerous additional resources.

Upcoming events are now featured much more prominently, so there’s no excuse to miss the next big event in the ITAM calendar! We also have more opportunities to tweak the content on the homepage so that important news can be given more prominence.


Tags are gone (they’re so web 1.0 apparently). News articles are now split into four categories which can be accessed directly from the top menu. Or if you prefer all your news in one continuous feed, then this is still available by simply visiting the News page. The four categories are:

  • ITAM News & Analysis: If something interesting happens in the ITAM industry (or in the broader IT industry which will have an impact on ITAM), you will find our report and thoughts on it here
  • Audits: Stay up-to-date on the latest software vendor auditing tactics here
  • Best Practice: This is where you go to hone your ITAM skills. From SAM to HAM, ITAD, SaaS/IaaS Management, procurement, sustainability, ISO/IEC 19770 etc., anything that can improve your skills are found here.
  • Software Publishers: The latest news and analysis on tier 1, 2 and 3 software publishers.

Search works!

The search function of the previous site was a little hit and miss, requiring some trickery and Black Magic to find the content you wanted. We are pleased to say that Search has been improved significantly. No need to rely on tags either – just search for the content you need and you should find it.

Never-ending (ITAM) story: Introducing continuous scroll

What is better than the best ITAM news and analysis on the internet? Never-ending ITAM news and analysis of course. “Continuous scroll” is something you may have seen on other news sites. Now, when you read an article on the ITAM Review, you will find additional relevant articles loaded directly underneath it. These additional articles will be based on the same theme or topic as the article you clicked on, so it should provide you with additional relevant content.

Improved navigation

The top line navigation is now much easier to navigate, with News, Events and Resources now directly accessible. All essential resources – Podcasts, white papers, Maturity assessments and the Practical ITAM guide – are now handily in one place under Resources.

New ITAM Review website

Tell us what you think

This has been a labour of love for the team. While we are aiming for a smooth transition to this new website, please bear with us while we work through the inevitable teething problems. We have tested the site thoroughly before launch, but there is no knowing how everyone uses the site, so some things will inevitably have been missed.

This is by no means the end of the work either (there are more improvements pencilled in for phase 2), but if you spot anything wrong – or you find there’s a feature you desperately miss that was inadvertently removed – please let us know in the usual way.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?