Influencing stakeholders, and other highlights from Wisdom APAC 2022

23 November 2022
7 minute read

Influencing stakeholders, and other highlights from Wisdom APAC 2022

23 November 2022
7 minute read
Luna Park Sydney
Luna Park, Sydney

It was so nice to be back in Australia to host Wisdom APAC face-to-face again. Australia, it’s been too long. This year we were at Luna Park, where its mix of classic fairground style and Sydney’s famous harbour views made for one of our more unusual venues.

What were the main themes at Wisdom APAC 2022?

As the role of ITAM continues to evolve and expand, so too does the breadth of topics covered by our events. At Wisdom APAC 2022 we covered a very broad range of topics:

  • Stakeholder engagement & how to influence your peers
  • Strategic and sustainable procurement
  • Sustainable ITAM and e-waste
  • Women in ITAM
  • ITAM & FinOps: A practitioner’s story
  • Audits (including a rare glimpse from an auditor’s perspective)
  • Microsoft licensing changes in 2022 – cloud, virtualisation and more
  • Licensing in the public cloud
  • HAM
  • and much, much more…
“What a view” – Here is Peter Rowe from ServiceNow presenting one of the Spotlight sessions at Wisdom APAC 2022

Session highlight: Influencing Your Stakeholders – How to get more buy-in for your ITAM programme, sponsored by SHI

In this session, the team and leadership coach Diane Wilkinson explained how Robert Cialdini’s six levers of influence can be applied to ITAM. The six levers are Authority, Social Proof, Reciprocity, Consistency, Liking and Scarcity.

  1. Authority: People will follow credible experts. In ITAM you can gain authority by referencing the likes of Gartner to backup your claims. Likewise, being seen speaking at events (like Wisdom!) is a great way to boost your authority.
  2. Social proof: Have you ever noticed on a Zoom call that if your host doesn’t have their camera on, no one else will. Yet once one camera goes on, we all quickly follow suit. Case studies are a great way to leverage social proof in ITAM, particularly if you can show “this is what we managed to achieve for department X. We could do the same for you”
  3. Reciprocity: Humans have a built-in obligation to give back when we’ve received. What can you give in ITAM? Do you have interesting data you can share? Can you offer personalised data, rather than something generic?
  4. Consistency: If you say your actions out loud it reinforces them, so you will be much less likely to forget them.
  5. Liking: You can’t influence people if you’re not liked. Make sure you’re likeable. Don’t just ask people about their job, ask about their interests. Any common ground you find will not just build rapport, but you’ll get a far more interesting conversation to boot!
  6. Scarcity: Concorde sales flew when BA announced it would be retiring its fleet. Scarcity drives demand. How can you use scarcity in ITAM? Only 10 licences left, we have an expert available on this data and time only, these are the renewal deadlines coming up – don’t miss out.

Other sessions you missed

  • Flexera One – What is it all about? This live demo presented by Dave Holmes from Flexera will soon be available as an on-demand webinar. Look out for the link soon.
  • Focus Group: What are your expectations and requirements of an ITAM tool for the future? In this interactive focus group hosted by Aamer Sharif at Flexera, delegates were asked what they need in this changing landscape to get visibility, manage risks and optimise technology spend.
  • Sustainable ITAM – How can ITAM impact sustainability: Stephen Waugh from SHI explained how ITAM can reduce the environmental impact of the IT it supports through the power of data, including benchmarking performance, age, energy usage etc. to create a more sustainable IT footprint.
  • ITAM & FinOps: A practitioner’s story: Catherine Zhang from Commonwealth Bank is a real world practitioner who has made the journey from ITAM to FinOps. She gave us her view on the similarities and differences, how the two areas work together, and what the future looks like.
  • An auditor’s perspective on data quality: In this session, Sam Raco from TMG had the rare opportunity to grill Maurice Pagnozzi of KPMG about life on the other side of audits.

Photos from Wisdom APAC 2022

What our delegates said

Here are some quotes from those who attended:

“Thanks for delivering a great conference. This is the first one I have attended…”

“Some great presentations. Well done. Funny too, which is always a bonus! :)”

“Enjoyed the event. Great work team. See you next year!”

“great stuff from all of you guys, hope to see you again next year”

“Was pleased to have this opportunity to share some of my thoughts on SAM and FinOps with fellow ITAM/SAM professionals! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience! A great conference with so much insight shared by a diverse range of skilled practitioners!”

Hope to see you next year!

If you missed us, we will be returning to Australia for Wisdom APAC 2023. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss the dates when they’re announced.

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