The IT Asset Manager’s (ITAM) Guide to Sustainable IT

28 March 2023
4 minute read
Stakeholder Engagement

The IT Asset Manager’s (ITAM) Guide to Sustainable IT

28 March 2023
4 minute read

IT Asset Managers and key stakeholders have an opportunity to align their processes and activities with the growing global focus on sustainability. Given the importance of this topic, the ITAM Review has prepared this free guide to help IT Asset Managers make a meaningful contribution to sustainable IT.

Why bother with sustainable IT?

IT is a key driver of business and economic growth, so it is vital that it’s run on ethical, sustainable principles. We believe that this is a key component of IT Governance throughout this decade and that now is the time for ITAM teams to take the helm and drive progress in this area. The good news is that we are already doing a lot as sustainability aligns with core ITAM values of optimization, cost management, and risk management. What this movement gives us is the ability to gain new relevance and visibility in our organizations, whilst doing our bit to address the climate emergency.

The guide will investigate how ITAM can contribute to the following areas:

  • Mapping ITAM processes to the Circular Economy
  • The challenges of establishing a Circular Economy in IT, including:
    • Software-enforced hardware obsolescence
    • Regulatory-enforced hardware & software obsolescence
    • Cloud shift
    • Right to Repair
    • Organizational resistance
  • Working with the following key stakeholders:
    • C-Suite
    • Procurement
    • Project Office
    • Service Desk and IT Ops
    • Security
    • Users

Sustainability will remain a key priority for business leaders for the rest of this decade and beyond. At present there is an opportunity for governance teams such as ITAM to take the lead in delivering IT sustainably. We have the data, processes, and stakeholder relationships to do this. Whatever your view of ESG initiatives they present an opportunity for ITAM teams to elevate their standing in their organizations. For me, the idea that in some small way what I do at work helps save the planet is a powerful one. It’s certainly a more powerful motivation than focusing solely on corporate finances or risk management. It’s time to get out there and make a difference.

Click below to download the IT Asset Manager’s Guide to Sustainable IT

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