Trains, puns, ITAM and FinOps: What to expect at Wisdom Unplugged 2023

05 September 2023
6 minute read
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Trains, puns, ITAM and FinOps: What to expect at Wisdom Unplugged 2023

05 September 2023
6 minute read

When you plan Wisdom Unplugged 2023 at the London Transport Museum, the transport puns seem almost inevitable. But how many are too many? Read on to find out…

Mind the Gap…

… in your ITAM knowledge.

If it feels like FinOps is charging through your life, race on over to the London Transport Museum this September 27th to get yourself back on track. Alight here for expert knowledge, guidance and networking from your favourite ITAM community, the ITAM Review.

Be sure to consult the timetable and take the direct route to superior ITAM and FinOps knowledge. Climb aboard at the London Transport Museum on Wednesday 27th September forWisdom Unplugged 2023. No need to jump the barriers or bring your travelcard – this event is FREE for ITAM professionals.

… and breathe.

Conference overview: Get your FinOps and ITAM back on track

At Wisdom Unplugged 2023 we will explore how the two disciplines align in terms of processes and goals, consider best practices that can be shared across the disciplines, and how these can be implemented within organisations of all shapes and sizes. How can ITAM best achieve its current on-premises goals whilst also extending its knowledge, influence, and expertise into the cloud? That’s the aim of Wisdom Unplugged 2023.

Introducing our speakers: All aboard the ITAM Express

Let our train drivers (i.e. speakers) steer your IT assets in the right direction:

Rich Gibbons, Managing Director, ITAM Review

Rich Gibbons ITAM Review

He who needs no introduction. A massive hip-hop fan with a love of Microsoft and a law degree, Rich has been in the world of software licensing since 2003, and still loves talking about it! He spent 12 years as a Microsoft channel partner and, since then, has been a trainer, consultant, and analyst – delivering updates and insight across the globe.

As well as Microsoft, Rich focuses on IaaS Cloud, FinOps, and legal tech – combining it all to help organisations stay as up to date as possible.

Jeremy Chaplin, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Flexera

Jeremy is a senior cloud solution architect. His responsibilities include supporting customers and prospects in realising their cloud strategies and transformation programs by providing best practice advice and consultation for both pre-and post-migration scenarios. As a FinOps certified practitioner Jeremy is also focused on ensuring customers get the most value from their cloud spend and have complete visibility of their costs, can report and measure effectively and are able to make well informed and KPI-led decisions on how to manage their cloud environments in line with organizational strategy.

If you’d like to know a bit more about Jeremy’s views and experience with FinOps ahead of the event, be sure to check out our recent FinOps interview with Jeremy.

Agenda highlights: Your timetable to success

Don’t be late. Alight here for a great range of presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions, including:

The Synergy of ITAM & FinOps09:15 AM – 10:00 AM

Discover the powerful connection between IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Financial Operations (FinOps) as our keynote speaker explores how these two disciplines work hand in hand to optimize digital assets and drive financial excellence.

Financial Operations in the Digital Age: Embracing FinOps for Greater Financial Transparency11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

Delve into the realm of FinOps and gain a deeper understanding of how finance and technology intersect. Explore cutting-edge approaches to financial operations, including budgeting, cost optimization, cloud financial management, and achieving greater financial transparency.

Panel Discussion – Navigating ITAM Challenges and Implementing Successful FinOps Strategies01:50 PM – 02:50 PM

Listen to a panel of experts as they discuss real-world challenges in ITAM and FinOps implementation. Gain practical insights into overcoming obstacles, leveraging technology, and implementing successful strategies for both IT asset management and financial operations.

The Future of ITAM and FinOps: Emerging Trends and Innovations02:50 PM – 03:35 PM

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the future trends and innovations in ITAM and FinOps. Discover how emerging technologies, such as AI, automation, and predictive analytics, are reshaping these disciplines and providing new opportunities for organizations to optimize their digital assets.

Interactive Workshop – Building a collaborative culture through communication04:50 PM – 05:20 PM

Successfully aligning ITAM & FinOps can be as much about culture and communication as tools and processes. Hear from our speakers and then work together to define your next steps to realise this goal.

ITAM enthusiasts, it’s time to transport your knowledge to new heights at the London Transport Museum!

I’ll stop now. For more transport puns, ITAM knowledge and FinOps guidance, hop on the ITAM bus and ride it to the London Transport Museum for Wisdom Unplugged 2023. Sorry. I just couldn’t resist having one last pun for the road…

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