Wisdom APAC 2023: Agenda highlights

03 October 2023
7 minute read
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Wisdom APAC 2023: Agenda highlights

03 October 2023
7 minute read

We are only 42 days away from Wisdom APAC 2023, our annual return to the Southern Hemisphere. This year we are heading to Albert Park, Melbourne for a two day event packed with ITAM goodness, covering everything ITAM, from FinOps to sustainability, AI, vendor management, audit best practice, stakeholder influence and more.

Here are my highlights from the agenda for Wisdom APAC 2023 so far. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so at the link below:

Come and join us at Wisdom APAC 2023

FinOps/ITAM converge

By Catherine Zhang from Commonwealth Bank

Catherine Zhang

Catherine is a FinOps Certified Cloud Financial Management specialist / well-rounded Software Asset Management professional. She has deep licensing and SAM knowledge on tier one software vendors like Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle along with experience in SaaS spend optimisation, compliance risk identification and remediation. Catherine’s session will look at whether there are common challenges to ITAM and FinOps, and how would generative AI shape the future of these disciplines?

Join this interactive session to share your opinion and your prediction of the future of these two areas.

Stop playing Megavendor Monopoly: Take control of your IT Roadmap

Don’t play the same old OEM games — the only one who should be in control of your IT roadmap is you. 

Get back in the driver’s seat. Ask the right questions to free up funds and resources to position your company for innovation and growth —we call it being a healthy skeptic.

In this session, you will learn:

•           How to evaluate your roadmap and ask the correct questions of your vendors

•           How to increase your agility in the ever-evolving tech landscape and break free of megavendor mandates

•           How to reduce costly maintenance and downtime risk – focus resources on innovation and growth

Transforming Your ITAD to Sustainable ITAD

By Corey Dehmey, Executive Director, SERI

Corey Deymey

Every organization performs an ITAD function, but just getting rid of your old IT assets and receiving some kind of return isn’t enough anymore. It’s time to transform your organization’s ITAD to Sustainable ITAD. 

Sustainable ITAD elevates the function to align with the goals of your entire organization, protecting you from data breaches, positively impacting your bottom line, and furthering organizational ESG and sustainability goals. And yes, ultimately moving out your old IT Assets.  

This session will discuss the differences between ITAD and Sustainable ITAD, outline the better decisions that create better outcomes, and give you the questions to help your organization rethink and reposition the ITAD function. 

Audits Discussion workshop (End users only)

Hosted by Rich Gibbons, MD, ITAM Review

Rich Gibbons ITAM Review
Rich Gibbons

Join us for an engaging and fast-paced session where our speaker condenses their knowledge and perspectives on IT Asset Management (ITAM) into a dynamic 30-minute presentation.

They will share valuable insights, industry trends, and best practices, providing you with a condensed yet comprehensive understanding of ITAM. From managing software assets to optimizing costs and ensuring compliance, this session aims to equip you with actionable takeaways to enhance your ITAM strategies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and key perspectives in a concise, power-packed session that fits seamlessly into your schedule.

ITAM Focus for 2024 Panel Session

Join Rich Gibbons and our panel of end-user speakers to discuss trends within the industry. Your questions help make this session a success – so be ready!

First confirmed speaker – Alan Benger, Head of Software Asset Management, National Australia Bank

Alan will also be speaking at the “Empowering New Voices Roundtable Session” on the second day.

The “Empowering New Voices” session is designed to foster a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, where participants can ask questions, engage in meaningful discussions, and receive constructive feedback. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to connect with fellow professionals, build your network, and gain exposure in your field.

How do you stress the importance of ITAM to the rest of the business?

By Matthieu Feray, Director, KPMG

Matthieu Feray

Managing the visibility of the end-to-end impact of actions on software licensing (e.g. when someone goes to the service desk and asks for a product. If, from their perspective, the normal channels take too long, they just install it).

RACI for software asset management.

How do we sell Software Licensing internally and get the business to dedicate resources and budget?

Using cost savings as a business case to fund better management.

Using a third party like KPMG to certify risk and create more business awareness.

This is just a snapshot of the early agenda as of today. More sessions are being added all the time, so be sure to check the official Wisdom APAC 2023 website for the very latest updates.

Come and join us at Wisdom APAC 2023

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