Wisdom APAC 2023 countdown: Two weeks to go...

31 October 2023
6 minute read
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Wisdom APAC 2023 countdown: Two weeks to go...

31 October 2023
6 minute read

With Wisdom APAC 2023 barely a few weeks away, we have pulled together highlights from the biggest sessions at this year’s event.

If you haven’t already secured your tickets, there’s still time. Don’t forget to register to secure your place at Australia’s premier ITAM event and get yourself fully up-to-date on the current and future developments in ITAM, cloud, FinOps, audits and more.

Day 1, Wednesday 15th November 2023

Opening Keynote – The North Star of ITAM Best Practice by Martin Thompson, founder of ITAM Review and ITAM Forum

ITAM Forum

In this interactive opening session, ITAM Review Founder Martin Thompson will guide you through the North Star of ITAM best practices. Discover how to cherry-pick elements that fit your organisation’s unique needs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to ITAM, this talk offers fresh perspectives and the hard truths about overcoming cultural and skills gaps. Walk away with actionable steps to elevate your ITAM strategy immediately.

Publisher Horizons: Why Publishers are Moving Beyond Audits and Chasing Customer Satisfaction through Advisory Transformation by Simon Gadd, Partner, Connor Consulting

Simon Gadd

In an era defined by rapid technological evolution and dynamic consumer preferences, software publishers are redefining their strategies for success. This engaging talk explores the paradigm shift by software publishers as they move beyond traditional audits, recognizing that customer satisfaction is the new currency of relevance. 

The role of AI in ITAM – Bridging reality and hype by Alex Cojocaru, CIO, Licenseware

Alex Cojocaru

In the evolving landscape of ITAM, where does new AI technologies stand? Join us as we delve into the transformative potential of AI in ITAM, debunk the myths, and separate the hype from reality. Learn how AI amplifies the capabilities of ITAM professionals and discover its growing role in contract management, data analysis, and knowledge management. 

Microsoft licensing changes in 2023 – cloud, AI, and more by Rich Ribbons, ITAM Review

Rich Gibbons ITAM Review

Everyone’s favourite Microsoft watching Northerner takes a look at some of the key changes that have come out of Redmond in the last 12 months, and how they impact you and your organisation.

Covering changes to agreements, product line-ups, and licensing rules – this session will help you quickly identify the most important changes for your next renewal or negotiation.

Integrating Carbon Neutrality & Circular Economy with Enterprise IT Asset Management by Viraj Meena, Greenbox

How green are your assets? Data and examples. What is the real weight of your phone? 

IT Asset Managers – How can you contribute towards reducing CHG emissions?

Day 2, Thursday 16th November 2023

Software License Brokerage with David Jensen, Flexera

Working with multiple lines of business who often protect their software budget allocations is often a challenge for ITAM professionals to find cost savings. This session will be presented by David Jensen who managed the ITAM team at DBS Bank in Singapore from 2014-2020 and how this team tackled the challenge to find savings across multiple lines of business and demonstrated real savings. The session will provide practical examples as to how success was achieved in a challenging political organisation.

The intricacies of licensing Office in the public cloud with Jon Pratt, AWS

According to various sources, AWS, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba combined to win 77% percent of the worldwide cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service market in 2023. Many applications that customers choose to run in the cloud require the installation of Microsoft Office software. However, the rules for licensing Microsoft Office in the public cloud are complex and vary between cloud providers. This session explores the scenarios and challenges customers may face coupled with potential solutions.

Business Plan Workshop – Securing Board-Level Sponsorship and Budget by Martin Thompson, ITAM Review

ITAM Forum

Navigating the maze of business planning? Join ITAM Review Founder Martin Thompson for an essential workshop on crafting a business plan that turns heads in the boardroom. Learn the secret sauce to capturing senior management’s attention and securing those crucial resources. Whether you’re a startup hustler or an established enterprise strategist, we’ll delve into effective techniques, key metrics, and persuasive narratives that make your plan impossible to ignore. Walk away with a blueprint for success, primed to elevate your strategies from paper to practice.

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