What to look forward to at Wisdom NA 2024: My picks from the agenda

11 January 2024
5 minute read
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What to look forward to at Wisdom NA 2024: My picks from the agenda

11 January 2024
5 minute read

Wisdom NA 2024 is taking place in Florida on March 19 – 20 2024. As the agenda begins to take shape I wanted to highlight some of the topics that caught my eye. Summarised in this article are sessions on the following topics – with more being added all the time!

  • Microsoft licensing changes in the last 12 months
  • How to manage a SAM programme
  • How to build the ITAM business case
  • Identifying and nurturing stakeholders
  • Surviving an Oracle Java audit

Read on for more details.

Microsoft licensing changes in 22/23 – cloud, virtualisation and moreRich Gibbons, ITAM Review

Never fear. Keeping up with the constant changes from that software publisher that seemingly renames its products every few months has never been easier. Everyone’s favourite Microsoft watching Northerner will take a look at some of the key changes that have come out of Redmond in the last 12 months, and how they impact you and your organisation.

Covering changes to agreements, product line-ups, and licensing rules – this session will help you quickly identify the most important changes for your next renewal or negotiation.

Navigate the SAM Minefield Without Going BUST!Beth Kaminski, Dart

From the recently crowned Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Beth Kaminski, she will share some of the SAM takeaways that will keep your program moving forward in the right direction.

Based on 20+ years of practitioner experiences from someone who is still standing. Give yourself a confidence boost knowing that with these tips will improve your success are reduce the likelihood that you, or your program, will go BUST!

Getting Past the Business Case BluesDale Van Looyen, AntonGM/Multi-Passionate

It’s budget time again – you have documented the cost savings, highlighted the benefits being produced by lifecycle automation and just like last year, your ITAM program isn’t getting the visibility nor the budget you’ve requested.

In most cases, it’s not because your program isn’t working well or achieving the savings you’ve promised – it’s because your deliverables are aligned with ITAM goals, and not the strategic outcomes that your executive are being measured on!  Get past your “business case blues” by showcasing how your ITAM program supports what your execs need to achieve through the Business Value Optimization process!

A Vision for ITAM The Intricacy of IT & Business RelationshipsEva Louis, Salt River Project

Relationships matter in everything you do, but they are essential and key to finding success in the world of IT Asset Management. Identifying champions in leadership, internal business departments, and key operational management that either sponsor or understand the purpose of ITAM and the objectives that are needed to be achieved can make or break any asset management program.

  • Vision & Roadmap Importance
  • Key Relationships
  • Impacts of Standards and Processes
  • Marketing & Communications

Surviving an Oracle Java Audit – Michael Corey & Dean Bolton from LicenseFortress and Art Beeman & Joel Muchmore from Beeman & Muchmore, LLP

One year ago, Oracle dramatically changed how businesses can license Java moving forward. In effect, Oracle moved the goalposts such that companies can no longer license Java by the processor or named-user-plus model. Instead, Oracle now utilizes an employee-based licensing model where you must license every employee, full-time or part-time, regardless of whether they use Java. Unsurprisingly, Oracle’s definition of what constitutes an employee for licensing purposes is breathtakingly broad. With Oracle now aggressively pursuing companies for their Java usage, this session will explore what you need to know when Oracle comes knocking on your door.

Visit the Wisdom NA 2024 website for more

These are just some of the sessions confirmed so far. The agenda is being updated all the time. To access the full agenda and book your tickets, visit the Wisdom NA 2024 website.

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