Wisdom NA 2024 primer: How has GCI leveraged generative AI?

15 March 2024
4 minute read
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Wisdom NA 2024 primer: How has GCI leveraged generative AI?

15 March 2024
4 minute read

Ahead of his upcoming talk about how GCI leveraged generative AI, we spoke with Matt Graves, VP – Enterprise Data & Analytics to learn a little more.

GCI has built models that protect the company’s proprietary information while providing high-quality, understandable responses. In his talk, Matt will explain how you too can securely leverage your company’s proprietary data and documentation with the power of Generative AI. Matt will also be providing a demo of a functional, early-days service powered by Retrieval Augmented Generation.

The following is a brief preview for what to expect in Matt’s talk which takes place at Wisdom NA 2024 on Tuesday, March 19 at 10:30 AM. Make sure you don’t miss it!

What was the challenge GCI was facing which made the company first turn to generative AI as a solution?

“There is a huge amount of unstructured data at our company in terms of policies, checklists, technical manuals, and other documentation. Team members across the company search for answers across this information to answer questions every day.  There had to be an easier what to find the information needed.”

What made you start using generative AI?

“While AI has been around for a long time, generative AI represents a massive change in how information is stored, accessed and utilized.”

Have you found the information you get from AI to be reliable?

“The way we’re doing it – yes.  And even generalized models seem to be quite reliable.”

How keen was the business to try AI?

“The business is very eager to work with us in building employee facing, self-service capabilities with GenAI.  We’ve started with a series of chatbots that have been very well-received.”

In your talk you will be explaining how Retrieval Augmented Generation works while providing a demo of a functional, early-days, service. Why did GCI choose Retrieval Augmented Generation specifically as the AI solution for your needs?

“We were looking for a way to leverage our internal, confidential unstructured data, and empower our team members and (eventually) customers to find clear, relevant information. These questions can range from “what are the steps I need to follow to buy a SAS solution for my company?” for employees to “how can I expense attendance at an ITAM conference?”

Be sure not to miss Matt’s talk, which takes place immediately after Martin’s opening keynote on the first day of the conference.

In addition to his talk on GenAI, Matt will also be speaking on the second day (Wednesday March 20) all about managing Microsoft Azure costs. You can catch him in the Coral Room between 2.30-3.00 PM. Details below:

Managing Azure Costs

Are you grappling with monitoring costs and resource utilization in the ever-evolving cloud landscape? Join us for an insightful discussion on managing Azure costs and monitoring utilization effectively. We’ll share our strategies and also delve into Microsoft’s Azure Cost Optimization Assessment of our operations regarding our control of Azure Costs and Resources. This panel is a valuable opportunity for organizations looking to optimize their cloud strategies and navigate the challenges of shifting workloads to the cloud. Don’t miss out on insights that could transform your cloud cost management.

Be sure to visit the Wisdom NA 2024 website to get your last-minute tickets!

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