Engaging with the CSO and Leveraging ITAM Data for Cyber Security

04 April 2024
3 minute read

Engaging with the CSO and Leveraging ITAM Data for Cyber Security

04 April 2024
3 minute read

The following article was written by Amit Verma, SAM Delivery Manager at dsm-firmenich.

Collaboration between IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Cyber Security teams is crucial in today’s cyber threat landscape. This article explores how to engage with the Chief Security Officer (CSO), the benefits of ITAM data for cyber security, and the reasons why ITAM and security should work together.

Engaging with the CSO: Building Collaboration

To establish a collaborative relationship, ITAM and security teams must align their goals and responsibilities. Regular communication channels should be established to share insights and updates. ITAM should provide actionable insights to the CSO, leveraging their data on software assets & Licenses, vulnerabilities, and compliance. This will facilitate proactive security measures and strengthen the partnership between the two teams.

Leveraging ITAM Data for Cyber Security

ITAM data provides valuable information for cyber security initiatives. The asset inventory offers a comprehensive view of hardware, software, licenses, and network devices, enabling the identification of vulnerabilities and unauthorised access points. Vulnerability management benefits from ITAM data by identifying outdated software versions and unpatched vulnerabilities, ensuring timely patching. ITAM’s understanding of software licenses supports compliance efforts, mitigating risks associated with unlicensed software or Shadow IT. ITAM data also aids in risk assessments, allowing organisations to prioritise security controls based on the potential impact of security incidents.

The Synergy between ITAM and Cyber Security

The collaboration between ITAM and security teams enhances risk mitigation efforts by combining expertise and leveraging ITAM data. By proactively identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust security controls, the likelihood of successful cyber-attacks decreases. ITAM’s role in software license compliance and accurate asset inventories supports security-related audits and regulatory compliance. During security incidents, close collaboration allows for quick identification of compromised systems, expediting incident response and minimising damage.

In today’s cyber landscape, engaging with the CSO and leveraging ITAM data is essential for effective cyber security. By building collaboration, organisations can leverage the valuable insights provided by ITAM to enhance vulnerability management, ensure license compliance, conduct risk assessments, and ultimately strengthen their overall security posture.

About the author, Amit Verma

Amit Verma

With extensive experience accumulated over several years, Amit has specialized in Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management (ITAM), establishing a successful career managing global technology projects, assembling exceptional teams, and implementing innovative technology strategies.

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