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Single Sign On (SSO) provides a quick and secure way to log in to multiple services using a single username and password. Perhaps surprisingly, it can also help you manage your SaaS Subscriptions. What is SSO? ...
04 July 2018
6 minute read
Ticketmaster UK recently announced that customer credit card and personal data had been compromised. This was due to a security breach at their third-party customer service technology provider, Inbenta. In accordance with GDPR requirements Ticketmaster have ...
03 July 2018
3 minute read
IT Security vendor Qualys have added Asset Inventory to their Cloud Platform. They may be an unfamiliar vendor for IT Asset Managers but are leaders in the IT Security market, being the first to deliver a ...
14 June 2018
4 minute read
Baseline SAM is about reconciling what you own against what you’re using. ITAM tool vendors have mastered this for software installed on devices ranging from IoT sensors to mainframe computers. However, as Software-as-a-Service use grows, they ...
07 June 2018
9 minute read
SaaS Management is the process by which ITAM techniques are used to discover, track, control, and optimise subscriptions made to Software-as-a-Service applications. Most ITAM tool providers have included some functionality to do this for a number ...
31 May 2018
3 minute read
Aspera are offering a financial “guarantee” for purchasers of their Oracle SAM Managed Service. “For customers that use a combination of LicenseControl for Oracle plus our Managed Services, Aspera is able to take financial responsibility for ...
17 May 2018
2 minute read
Following ServiceNow’s acquisition of VendorHawk in late April Flexera have followed suit with their acquisition this week of Meta SaaS. Clearly this is a market where swift exits for founders and investors is possible. VendorHawk was ...
03 May 2018
3 minute read
This article has been put together to help shape AJ Witt’s session at the 2018 UK Conference – I never learned anything from a win. Share your epic ITAM failures and help shape the session. This ...
01 May 2018
4 minute read
Gartner this week published their first ever research into the SAM Tools marketplace and the results are a mix of surprises and expectations. It is great for the industry to see some focus from Gartner on ...
20 April 2018
2 minute read

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