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The ITAM Review offers the latest news and insights within the ITAM field to keep you informed of the latest updates and best practices in the area. Our newsroom covers important topics in IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and Software Licensing. Below you will find all of our articles in chronological order, then filtered into four main categories: News & Analysis, Best Practice, Audits and Software Publishers.
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    Podcast with James Hatcher

    In our latest podcast, Martin Thompson speaks with James Hatcher from Lansweeper about the value ITAM brings to infosecurity, as well as Lansweeper’s contribution to the Safehouse Initiative, a collaborative organization that brings together vendors to ...
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    Chatbot Turbulence: Air Canada and its Misguided AI Autopilot

    Air Canada recently learned that AI chatbots cannot always be trusted… There is a lot of talk about AI within ITAM and how it can help streamline processes, save human time, improve accuracy, and reduce errors ...
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    Flexera completes acquisition of Snow Software

    On the 15th February, Flexera confirmed it had completed the acquisition of Snow Software. You can read our analysis of the original acquisition announcement here. “Flexera has long admired Snow’s great products, customer value realization, talented employees, ...
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    ITAM Predictions 2024: Views from the industry

    Last month we published our analysts’ predictions for what to expect in ITAM in 2024. Gazing into their crystal balls, Rich and AJ could see a year in which AI continues to mature and deliver innovations ...
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    Will human capital shape the course of the tech channel in 2024?

    The following article from Hayley Mooney, GM UK at Crayon explores the biggest trends shaping the tech channel in 2024, including the growing role of AI in ITAM, addressing the tech skills shortage, and the positive ...
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    Podcast with Mihai Ciupala, winner of the Rising Star Award 2023

    In this joint ITAM Review / ITAM Forum podcast, George Wright and Jennifer Carr join forces to interview Mihai Ciupala, Software Asset Management Specialist at _VOIS (Vodafone Intelligent Solutions). Mihai is the 2023 winner of the ...
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    Unlocking the Hidden Potential of IT Asset Disposition: ITAD Maturity Assessment results

    In this article we explore the results of our ITAD Maturity Assessment, conducted in partnership with Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations. Responsible disposal of IT assets is gaining increasing importance, driven by changes in working practices, regulatory requirements, ...
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    "Please Mr Benioff - can I have my data back?" Slack holds customer data to ransom

    Slack didn’t have the best bit of PR this week… Whoever said vendor lock in wasn’t a thing clearly has never tried to leave Slack. One CEO was left dumbfounded this week when Slack threatened to ...
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    Another Quest audit ends up in court

    A Quest Software audit is in court (again). Here I am, back with another story of a software vendor treating one of their customers in such a way that the whole thing ends up in a ...
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    As some VMware products come to an end some customers face 1200% price rises

    As you may have seen, following the completion of the Broadcom acquisition, “VMware by Broadcom” are no longer offering perpetual licenses for their products as they move to a subscription model. They have also moved to ...

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