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The ITAM Review offers the latest news and insights within the ITAM field to keep you informed of the latest updates and best practices in the area. Our newsroom covers important topics in IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and Software Licensing. Below you will find all of our articles in chronological order, then filtered into four main categories: News & Analysis, Best Practice, Audits and Software Publishers.
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    Digital document solutions - why every ITAM professional should be managing one

    In the face of growing environmental concerns and the urgent need for sustainable practices, the role of ITAM is expanding. Today, ITAM professionals are uniquely positioned to drive sustainability initiatives within their organisations. Sustainability in ITAM ...
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  • FinOps Guide for ITAM Managers: Free download

    Successfully bridging the gap between ITAM & FinOps will be a huge boost to ITAM within any organisation, and bring demonstrable business benefits too. To help ITAM managers better understand and navigate FinOps, we have created this short, FREE guide for our readers.
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  • Webinar: Finding Hard Dollars through IT Asset Management

    ITAM experts to discuss how to achieve cost savings through best practices. WHAT IT Asset Management (ITAM) experts will gather to discuss the latest issues and challenges faced by the ITAM industry as well as
  • CA Wins Best Use of Tags Contest

    The ITAM Review and, joint sponsors of the ‘2010 Best Use of Tags’ contest, are pleased to announce the contest’s winner. The aim of the 2010 Best Use of Software Tags Contest was to identify ...
  • ITAM Industry News Round-Up

    Why ISO19770-2 Is So Important – From HP Blogger Daniel Galecki BDNA Insight, Express Software Manager and K2 KeyAuditor & KeyServer go head to head in the 2010 SIIA Codie Awards for Best Asset Management Solution ...
  • Census Feedback: Which New Features Would Be Most Valuable?

    What new features do users consider to be the most valuable? So far common themes include. Automated reconciliation Usable business metrics without having to self cleanse data Auto Discovery More out of the box content and ...
  • Users Not Satisfied with Larger ITAM Tools

    Below are some of the early findings from the 2010 Tools Census. To complete the census please click here.
  • 'Negotiating with Microsoft' Book Feedback

    I have started to receive feedback for ‘Negotiating with Microsoft’ by Daryl Ullman. An excellent overview on how to prepare to negotiate with Microsoft and what your options are, with guidance on what can (should!) be ...
  • ITAM Industry News Round-Up

    EVENTS Directions on Microsoft – Five Essential Resources for Microsoft Licensing LicenseWatch –  Version 7 Webinar Miro – Open Q&A Forum on Oracle Licensing, Procurement & Compliance RFCode – Dispelling the Myths About Active RFID INDUSTRY ...
  • 2010 Tools Census

    Please take a few minutes to take part in the 2010 Tools Census, an independent analysis of the current use of ITAM Tools and Technology. Which is the most popular tool? Which tools are users most ...
  • 'Negotiating with Microsoft' Published

    I first spoke to Daryl Ullman this time last year when he contributed an article for the ITAM Review. See 3 Steps to Negotiating Software Agreements Daryl spends his time helping
  • ITAM Industry News Round-Up

    ITAM Industry Updates from Software ID Technologies, TagVault, IET, Siwel, Certero, Express Metrix, BigFix, KACE, Gartner & Converge

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