In addition to the latest news and events we also offer produce a series of in-depth resources aimed at helping you to develop your career and develop your ITAM practice. Scroll down to browse some of our additional resources including podcasts and videos.
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    Building a SaaS Centre of Excellence: New whitepaper

    In this new whitepaper, AJ Witt from ITAM Review and Andrea Jacquemin, founder of the SaaS management platform Beamy explore how to unlock innovation and agility by building a SaaS Centre of Excellence. The speed of ...
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    ITAM Insights Report 2023

    A perfect storm of changes creates unprecedented uncertainty for organisations when it comes to managing their IT costs in 2023/2024. Download here. The ITAM Review’s roundup of the main events shaping ITAM in the next 12 ...
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    Fireside Chat with Rory Canavan (podcast)

    In this lengthy and broad-ranging Fireside Chat podcast we speak with Rory Canavan, owner of the ITAM consultancy, SAM Charter. The conversation spans a range of topics, including. “I hate it when organisations think all they ...
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    Wisdom NA 2023: Post Event Pack

    The ITAM Review Wisdom conference returned in-person to North America following the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to help the community connect, grow, and learn across 2 days of plenaries, workshops, and networking sessions. With a primary mission ...
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    How ITAD enables Digital Transformation and Remote Work: Podcast

    In this digital transformation and ITAD podcast we speak with Mike Loria, founder of IT Asset Disposition providers Re-Source Partners. We discuss the role of ITAD in facilitating digital transformation and supporting remote work. With costs ...
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    Fireside Chat with Abdullah Tutğaç (podcast)

    This is a Fireside Chat podcast with Abdullah Tutğaç, the reigning winner of the Professional of the Year award (sponsored by USU), at the ITAM Review Excellence Awards 2022. We discuss Abdullah’s ITAM career at Turk ...
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    How should you respond to Oracle’s Java license changes?

    Oracle Java license podcast with LicenseFortress Now that the dust has settled after Oracle’s Java bombshell to switch to employee count licensing, we spoke with Dean Bolton and Michael Corey from LicenseFortress discuss the changes to ...
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    Overcoming challenges and demonstrating value in ITAM (podcast)

    In this podcast Rich Gibbons speaks with James Bell from License Dashboard to discuss a range of topics including.• Common challenges faced when onboarding an ITAM tool… and how to overcome them• How to set your ...
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    The IT Asset Manager’s (ITAM) Guide to Sustainable IT

    IT Asset Managers and key stakeholders have an opportunity to align their processes and activities with the growing global focus on sustainability. Given the importance of this topic, the ITAM Review has prepared this free guide ...
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    Secrets to Managing your Cloud Costs in 2023 and Beyond: Podcast 128

    How do you manage cloud costs? Rich Gibbons talks cloud cost management with fellow cloud optimisation guru Robbie Plourde from USU. They discuss the different ways that ITAM can, and should, be involved in helping to ...

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