In addition to the latest news and events we also offer produce a series of in-depth resources aimed at helping you to develop your career and develop your ITAM practice. Scroll down to browse some of our additional resources including podcasts and videos.
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    SaaS Management Maturity Assessment updated

    The ITAM Review is delighted to announce a revised SaaS Management Maturity Assessment, created in collaboration with Zylo. The free assessment enables you to baseline your current SaaS Management capabilities against industry best practices and provides ...
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    Practical Approaches to IT Cost Optimization (Podcast Episode 121)

    In this episode of the ITAM Review Podcast, AJ Witt discusses practical approaches to IT cost optimization with Becky Trevino, SVP of Product at Snow Software. With many software publishers announcing significant price rises in 2023, ...
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    Java audits are coming: Podcast episode 120

    In this episode of the ITAM Review podcast AJ Witt & Silke Henderson-Stuenkel of Matrix42 discuss what’s new in Oracle Java licensing including. Introduction to Oracle Java licensing Differences in license agreements Java license risk exposure ...
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    The ITAM Manager's Guide to Digital Supply Chain Management (white paper)

    Management of the software Digital Supply Chain (DSC) is about creating a seamless, integrated set of systems and activities across the procurement lifecycle of software and cloud services, from software demand to fulfilment and optimization. The ...
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    “Empathy with stakeholders gets you buy-in” ITAM Forum podcast

    AJ Witt recently interviewed Eric Schuman for the ITAM Forum’s latest Change Makers podcast series. Click here if you would like to listen to the full episode Eric Schuman is an ITAM and IT industry veteran ...
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    Beyond ITAM – Your Guide to IT Visibility (white paper)

    In this white paper, co-written with USU, we examine the benefits of applying ITAM tools and methodologies to solve a key IT Management challenge – that of IT Visibility. We propose that a united approach, founded ...
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    Free ITAD Maturity Assessment

    ITAM Review is delighted to announce the launch of its free ITAD Maturity Assessment, developed in conjunction with Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, a leading provider of ITAD solutions. The assessment enables companies to determine the maturity of ...
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    Fireside Chat with Melad Tashtezar (podcast)

    In the first of our new “Fireside Chat” podcast series, we sit down with Melad Tashtezar, IT Asset Manager at Just Eat Take Away, London. The Fireside chats give us an opportunity to learn more about ...
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    “Get out there and see what more ITAM can do” ITAM Forum podcast

    AJ Witt recently interviewed Rachel Ryan for the ITAM Forum’s latest Change Makers podcast series. Below is an extract from the accompanying article. Click here if you would like to listen to the full episode If ...
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    Podcast Episode 117: Protect against stealth software audits

    In this latest podcast focused on stealth software audits, I sit down once again with four great guests. We have another action-packed discussion covering Oracle, audit tactics, court cases, recent acquisitions, contract terms and much more. ...

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