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    Would you like a quality stamp for your ITAM management system?

    ITAM Review Podcast. Change Makers Series In this episode of the Change Makers podcast series, we speak with Dennis Montanje. Dennis leads the ITAM Forum’s Certification workstream, which is working to create the world’s first, globally-recognised ISO ...
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    "This is an industry on the verge of very soon exploding"

    ITAM Review Podcast. Change Makers Series In this episode of the Change Makers podcast series, we speak with Ben Strickland who won Professional of the Year at the 2021 ITAM Excellence Awards. Ben, who is Senior ...
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    Podcast Episode 104: Oracle's new audit approach: How should ITAM teams prepare?

    In this podcast AJ Witt from The ITAM Review is joined by Michael Corey & Dean Bolton from LicenseFortress and Art Beeman and Joel Muchmore from Beeman & Muchmore. We discuss recent changes in Oracle’s approach ...
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    Podcast Episode 103: The symbiotic relationship between HAM and Infosec

    HAM and Infosec In this podcast, I speak with Yvette Mathews and Josh Bernson of ITS Partners. An interesting chat around the changing role of Hardware Asset Management post-COVID and how organisations can address the key ...
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    Podcast Episode 102: 'The missing SAM Magic Quadrant'

    In this podcast I speak with Becky Trevino of Snow Software, Cory Wheeler of Zylo and Mathias Knops of USU on the role of magic quadrants in the marketing mix for technology companies, why Gartner might ...
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    Radio Show for December 2020: SaaS Spending, Scope, and George Clooney's hair

    December’s radio show is our 100th podcast episode. In this month’s show, hosted by AJ Witt with guests Danny Begg, Kylie Fowler, David Foxen, Stuart Pomfrett, Matt Smith, and Brett Zubrick we round up all the ...
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    Episode 98: CMDB, Service Graph and managing digital services

    In this podcast I spoke with Simon White and Jerry Yiu from ServiceNow.   We discussed the modern role of a CMDB, Service Graphs and how organisations can benefit from a business view of technical data.  Topics . What ...
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    Podcast Episode 97: Sandy Vouch on building graduate programs and meaningful ITAM careers

     In the lead-up to our APAC conference on the 24th and 25th November I spoke with Sandy Vouch of The Mastermind Group (TMG) in Melbourne, Australia. TMG won Partner of the Year 2020 in the ITAM Review Excellence Awards.  In this podcast, topics include.   ...
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    Podcast Episode 95: Oracle Update - Litigation, TikTok, JEDI, and more

    In this podcast AJ Witt is joined by Dean Bolton & Michael Corey from LicenseFortress & Art Beeman and Joel Muchmore from Beeman & Muchmore to discuss current topics in Oracle licensing in the context of ...
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    Podcast Episode 93: What should ITAM teams focus on now?

    In this podcast AJ Witt from The ITAM Review is joined by Sean Robinson, Solutions Director at License Dashboard, Matt Fisher Director, Digital Platform Strategy at SHI, and Eric Christopher from Zylo.  We got together ahead ...

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