Free Online Summit: Software Vendor Insights 2024

Join ITAM Review on 7th March 2024 at 2pm GMT to discuss how companies including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, SAP and VMware (now Broadcom) fared in 2023 and what to expect from them in 2024.
07 March 2024

About this event

Several key software vendors closed their financial years towards the end of 2023 including:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • VMware (now Broadcom)

Join the ITAM Review on Thursday 7th March 2024 at 2pm GMT as we discuss how these organisations weathered the ups and downs of 2023 and what to expect from them in 2024 – including audits, product focus areas, licensing changes and more.

For ITAM professionals, knowing where these software publishers are coming from, and where they are going, will help you – and other internal stakeholders such as procurement and finance – best understand where potential risks may lie and successfully manage the relationship for another year.

2023 saw a lot of volatility across the industry and 2024 is where much of the impact will start to be felt by customer organisations – join us to get the information to help you dodge (some of) the fallout!

As well as industry analysis and forecasts from the ITAM Review, this Online Summit will also feature relevant sessions from our partners, detailing some of the key challenges you can face when using software and services from these publishers– and how to manage them too!


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14:00 - 14:05 Welcome & Introduction
Rich Gibbons
14:05 - 14:30 Vendor Analysis
Rich Gibbons, The ITAM Review
14:30 - 15:00 Vendor Analysis
AJ Witt, The ITAM Review
15:00 - 15:30 VMWare/Broadcom and SAP for me
Vera Vianden & Gabriel Zechbauer, Deloitte - Join Vera Vianden and Gabriel Zechbauer from Deloitte at the ITAM Review “Software Vendor Insights” Free Online Summit on 7th March 2024 as they discuss: • VMware/Broadcom - the long announced Broadcom acquisition of VMware completed in November 2023 led to significant changes. Deloitte will outline the changes communicated so far in licensing terms and portfolio, their resulting impact on customers, and the viable solutions or alternatives available for the future. • 'SAP for me' - SAP's newest central platform for license overview which is promised to gather all SAP cloud consumption and provide a compliance view on product level. However, after its predecessors LUI and LUPA were never fully up to that challenge, we would like to review together how capable SAP for me is in your environment.
15:30 - 16:00 SAP Best Practice: How to successfully migrate to S/4HANA on the license side
Estéban Rautureau, USU - Roughly 20% of all companies have mastered the migration to SAP's future platform S/4HANA, but three quarters still have this transformation ahead of them. Time is of the essence, as SAP is only offering its mainstream maintenance for the "old" SAP ERP until the end of 2027. A successful S/4HANA migration is comparable to a 6-course meal: It is complex, consists of many ingredients and requires coordinated preparation. Learn from our SAP expert Estéban Rautureau which ingredients (=data) are particularly important when migrating licenses to S/4HANA. Key Learnings: - What does the S/4HANA license model look like? - What options are there for migration since SAP has discontinued product conversion? - What does Authorization Based Licensing mean for our budget planning? - How do I prepare for contract negotiations with SAP?
16:00 - 16:30 Interactive FAQ
The ITAM Review, Deloitte & USU



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    Rich Gibbons
    Managing Director, ITAM Review
    Rich has almost 15 years’ experience in the world of IT and software licensing, having been both a software sales manager for a VAR and a Microsoft licensing endorsed trainer. A Northerner renowned for his shirts, Rich is a fan of most films, Hip-Hop, travel, football in general (and specifically MUFC), Marvel and reading as many books as possible. Finding ways to combine these with software licensing is always fun.
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    AJ Witt
    ITAM Industry Analyst, The ITAM Review
    AJ Witt is ITAM Industry Analyst at The ITAM Review. Previous to joining the ITAM Review team in April 2018, he was Software Asset Manager for Carnival UK, operators of the P&O & Cunard cruise lines. Coming from a background in IT Infrastructure technical operations IT Security & Compliance, AJ is well-placed to share his experience of how dynamic SAM teams can build mutually-beneficial stakeholder engagement.
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    Estéban Rautureau
    Sales Engineer, USU
    Estéban started his career in Software Asset Management in 2012, as a project manager, then consultant, end user and since 2022 Sales Engineer. He deployed SAM solutions and services to many customers, and has deep knowledge on SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, IBM and much more vendors.
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    Vera Vianden
    SAP Licensing SME, Deloitte
    Vera Vianden works within the Risk Advisory since January 2022. Through her previous position as a team lead within Consulting for a Software Company she has ten years experience within software licensing for companies of various industries. Within this previous position she led a separate team specializing on SAP license management since 2018. Her work within SAP license management spans from contract analysis, Named User and Engine analysis over software license compliance creation to Named User license optimization, Indirect / Digital Access analysis and company license splits during M&A proceedings. The pre-analysis for a more to S/4HANA or RISE is of more and more importance.
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    Gabriel Zechbauer
    VMware Licensing SME, Deloitte
    Gabriel Zechbauer joined our Risk Advisory team in November 2019. In his previous career he server as CIO and CFO in an SME retail company. He has a deep understanding of IT systems and software as well as financial processes, commercial negotiation and contracts. His focus is on software asset management consulting including tooling, on software license reviews in an international context for various vendors and on mainframe licensing.

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“Good info, great speakers! I’ll be sharing the recording with my colleagues on our infrastructure team. These sessions are always engaging. I started watching them sessions for the ITAM knowledge, ideas, growth, value; but I find that I am now also watching to get speaker and interacting with presenters tips from Rich! Amazing job, love it. Thanks for hosting these. Can’t wait for Wisdom!!”

“This was excellent ! I am going to go back and re-watch OnDemand. Love all segments presented.”

“I found the information informative and am looking forward to being able to reference it on demand. In particular the information about where in organizations cloud SW was being managed and I agree that ITAM can (and should) provide thought leadership in that space.”

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