The ITAM Review Cloud Summit 2023: Unlocking Cloud Excellence

Join Rich Gibbons from The ITAM Review along with sponsors' speakers on Thursday 26th October 2023 at 2pm BST for the 4th annual ITAM Review Cloud Summit.
26 October 2023


Cloud computing is a necessity for businesses as they strive to stay competitive and agile in the digital era. Cloud spending is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2023, with more than 90% of enterprises using multiple cloud services and platforms. This presents a great opportunity for ITAM professionals to demonstrate their value and align with the strategic goals of their organizations. However, this also requires ITAM professionals to keep up with the latest trends and challenges in cloud computing, such as: 

  • Managing hybrid work environments
  • Enhancing cloud sustainability
  • Leveraging AI and ML
  • Embracing sovereign clouds
  • Expanding XaaS offerings
  • Adopting FinOps practices
  • Implementing cloud-native strategies

By staying on top of these trends and challenges, ITAM professionals can enhance their role and relevance in the cloud era. They can also communicate and demonstrate the benefits that ITAM provides to their organizations, such as reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing agility, and mitigating risks. 

Join Rich Gibbons from The ITAM Review along with sponsors’ speakers on Thursday 26th October 2023 at 2pm BST for the 4th annual ITAM Review Cloud Summit, which aims to highlight the latest trends, tools, and tricks to help ITAM managers successfully navigate the journey to the cloud.

Who should attend: 

  • SAM & ITAM professionals
  • Cloud cost management professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Vendor management professionals
  • CIO


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14:00 - 14:05 Welcome
Rich Gibbons, The ITAM Review
14:05 - 14:30 Navigating the Cloudscape: A year in review
Rich Gibbons, The ITAM Review
14:30 - 15:00 Sustainability in ITAM Cloud Services
Jennifer Clewley & Ben Simpson, License Dashboard - Organizations are searching for new ways to align to customer strategies and refresh offerings. With sustainability at the forefront of our customers minds, this session explores how cloud services and solutions can help organizations to innovate technologies, while supporting customers to achieve their carbon reduction goals.
15:00 - 15:30 ITAM: The Orchestra Conductor of Cloud, FinOps, and Application Modernization
Ash Dharas & Patrick Heinrichs, Softline Group - In the world of IT, there's a key player at the centre of everything: IT Asset Management (ITAM). It's like the conductor in an orchestra, making sure that Cloud services, FinOps (Financial Operations), and Application Modernization work smoothly together. ITAM keeps tabs on all the tech stuff, making sure resources are used wisely in the Cloud and that budgets are in check with FinOps. Meanwhile, Application Modernization revamps old systems to work better. With ITAM in charge, it's like a well- organized band where assets, costs, and apps all play their part, making IT run smoothly and smartly. Our conductors Ash and Patrick will guide you through this journey, making sure your journey will be a sweet symphony and not a Rammstein concert.
15:30 - 16:00 Efficient Cloud Ventures: A Roadmap for Cost Management Success
Rebecca Horton, USU - Hybrid multicloud has established itself as the gold standard of IT infrastructure. Although usage is skyrocketing, CIOs and CFOs continue to grapple with a lack of transparency and exploding cloud costs. The focus of the session is Cloud Cost Management including real-world use cases, best practices, and insights to develop strategies and prevent cloud spend waste. This session will help you create the basis for the design and implementation of your FinOps strategy.
16:00 - 16:30 Hybrid ITAM and FinOps: The need for a broader view
Jeremy Chaplin, Flexera - As IT teams experience increased pressure to balance on-premises and cloud workloads, managing software spend and its various intricacies has become increasingly difficult. Siloed FinOps and ITAM teams can create unforseen issues, while collaboration can ensure a much greater degree of success for both teams on their respective goals and for organizations as a whole. Hybrid ITAM and FinOps combines the existing core components of FinOps framework and and extends it to encompass these additional cloud costs and compliance considerations that could result in additional costs that were previously overlooked or not even considered. Join us to learn more about the benefits these teams can gain through collaboration and how others have seen success.
16:30 - 16:45 Questions & closing
The ITAM Review


  • foto
    Rich Gibbons
    Managing Director, The ITAM Review
    Rich has almost 15 years’ experience in the world of IT and software licensing, having been both a software sales manager for a VAR and a Microsoft licensing endorsed trainer. A Northerner renowned for his shirts, Rich is a fan of most films, Hip-Hop, travel, football in general (and specifically MUFC), Marvel and reading as many books as possible. Finding ways to combine these with software licensing is always fun.
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    Rebecca Horton
    Managing Director, Business Lead, USU
    With 15+ years of experience behind her, Rebecca Horton has crafted a career built on discovering and creating value out of ITAM and FinOps best practices for customers, large and small, across North America and Europe. Having spent two years with Red Hat, her unique experience in the area of open source software asset management has allowed her a special perspective on an area of IT which has moved to the forefront of the industry in recent years. Her viewpoint on the digital transformation journey, and how ITAM and FinOps play a key role, has made Rebecca a popular figure among the geekiest of practitioners, and her blogs and events are well attended around the world.
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    Jennifer Clewley
    Sustainability Lead, License Dashboard
    With a keen interest in both technology and sustainability, Jen leads initiatives that help to reduce the carbon emissions of IT services. These include, cloud technologies, implementing green data centre practices and programs to reduce hardware e-waste. She has a wealth of experience from local government and the private sector to help organizations work towards net zero IT services.
  • foto
    Ben Simpson
    Senior Solutions Consultant, License Dashboard
    Ben supports organizations to understand their software risk, working with them to ensure the most efficient procurement solutions to achieve their strategy. With over a decade of experience, he works closely with his customers to provide software cost optimization advice.
  • foto
    Jeremy Chaplin
    Cloud Lead, Flexera
    As a Cloud Lead, Jeremy's responsibilities include supporting customers and prospects in realizing their cloud strategies and transformation programs by providing best practice advice and consultation for both pre-and post-migration scenarios. As a FinOps certified practitioner Jeremy is also focused on ensuring customers get the most value from their cloud spend and have complete visibility of their costs, can report and measure effectively and are able to make well informed and KPI-led decisions on how to manage their cloud environments in line with organizational strategy.
  • foto
    Ash Dharas
    Centre of Excellence Lead ITAM UK, Softline Group
    Ash is an experienced ITAM professional and mentor. With his many years of experience in the broad ITAM field, he helps organisations to move forward in their journey to high(er) ITAM maturity levels. Ash is heading the UK Centre of Excellence for ITAM, and was the lead consultant on Softline’s own ISO certification journey.
  • foto
    Patrick Heinrichs
    Portfolio Manager Application Modernization & FinOps, Softline Group
    Experienced Business Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the software industry. Skilled in IT Asset Management, FinOps and Application Modernization.





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“Good info, great speakers! I’ll be sharing the recording with my colleagues on our infrastructure team. These sessions are always engaging. I started watching them sessions for the ITAM knowledge, ideas, growth, value; but I find that I am now also watching to get speaker and interacting with presenters tips from Rich! Amazing job, love it. Thanks for hosting these. Can’t wait for Wisdom!!”

“This was excellent ! I am going to go back and re-watch OnDemand. Love all segments presented.”

“I found the information informative and am looking forward to being able to reference it on demand. In particular the information about where in organizations cloud SW was being managed and I agree that ITAM can (and should) provide thought leadership in that space.”

‘Really good & interactive’

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‘Thanks this is well-aimed and helped me to think about next steps I should be taking’.

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