ARTICLE: New SAM Tool Checklist

14 May 2009
2 minute read
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ARTICLE: New SAM Tool Checklist

14 May 2009
2 minute read

Some things to consider before selecting your next SAM Tool:

Does it fit the business?

  • Is it compatible with our systems, infrastructure and operating systems?
  • Does it suit our policies and procedures? e.g. If we wish to remove any software not used during a three month period will our tool support this?
  • Does it suit our IT Strategy? e.g. If we plan to move to an 80% Thin Client estate over the next 18 months will it work in that new environment?
  • Does it integrate with other systems that facilitate SAM processes (e.g. Software Distribution) or SAM data (e.g. ERP)
  • Does it help us automate some of the workflow in common processes?
  • Does it meet the majority of our requirements out of the box (in the current shipping version)? Otherwise it might be worth looking for alternatives or rethinking the wish list. Also see this article.

Does it take away some of the heavy lifting?

  • Does it give us confidence in the accuracy of our data and visibility of IT Assets?
  • Does it help us recognise, sort and analyse IT assets once we have found them?
  • Does it help us determine which software assets require a license?
  • Does it help us marry our purchase history with complex licensing rules?
  • Does it include easy to build reports that provide business value and improve service levels?

Have we road tested it?

  • Is it supported appropriately by the partner and/or vendor (Log a support call during the evaluation process to test this)
  • Does it allow us to backup, restore and share data?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it easy to deploy? Does it work for remote users, satellite offices and users working from home?
  • Does it involve any others costs? (Software, Maintenance, Implementation, Hardware, Additional Licenses – e.g. Database license, Training , Development etc)

What have I missed? what else would you add to this list?

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