ITAM Review Reader Analytics

18 November 2011
2 minute read
ITAM News & Analysis

ITAM Review Reader Analytics

18 November 2011
2 minute read

This article is for all the vendors I work with throughout the course of the year. Product Managers and Pre-Sales Consultants working at software publishers are busy and expensive people. They would not share their precious time and expertise if I was reviewing their products in the privacy of my home for my own amusement (although some would…).

This article outlines who reads the ITAM Review, what is popular and how many people visit. The more stuff that gets shared, the more gets read, the more gets read, the more leverage there is to share more…

In a nutshell: ~30K Monthly Visits, Average Visitor, 43 year old American Male managing 24,527 Assets.

Visitor Locations

Steady as She Goes

Growth remains steady. Traffic has doubled every year. 8.2K – 16.3K – 31.5k.

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Visitor Sources*

  • 54% Search Engines (94% from Google, 49,388 Keyword Variants from 180 Countries)
  • 22% Direct Traffic
  • 20% Referring Sites

Social Media Sources*

Of Social Media Sources, traffic comes from

  • 83% LinkedIn
  • 7% Twitter
  • 6% StumbleUpon
  • 4% Facebook

Visitor Profiles**

  • 55% End Users
  • 35% Resellers/ Partners, Consultants, Trusted Advisors
  • 10% Software Vendors / ISVs

Most Popular Site Areas*

Top 10 Most Popular Articles*

(excluding licensing guides which are most popular)

Virtual User Group***

* Google Analytics Nov 2009 – Nov 2011
** via Surveys
*** Virtual User Group Analysis of 200 Members

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