Oracle Tool Verification

29 October 2013
2 minute read

Oracle Tool Verification

29 October 2013
2 minute read

imagesOracle announced back in 2010 that it would begin to verify the data provided by ITAM tools.

Oracle is notoriously difficult to manage from an ITAM perspective because Oracle products don’t install like most other publishers (no .exes to track in your inventory tool) and the configuration of Oracle technology is just as important as the existence itself.

The verification process is designed to see if ITAM tools can provide data of sufficient quality to manage Oracle effectively.

At the time of writing, there are now seven suppliers which have been through the verification process:

  1. BDNA
  2. Easyteam
  3. Flexera Software
  4. Hewlett-Packard
  5. iQuate
  6. Lime Software
  7. Nova Ratio

Notes on the verification process:

  • Oracle state that this is a verification of data rather than a certification of technology. i.e. They are just looking at the output not the tool itself.
  • The verification process is limited to one product group: Enterprise Edition databases and associated options. This excludes an enormous amount of Oracle products.
  • The goal of the verification process is to benchmark the output from suppliers against the data Oracle would provide using their own internal tools and scripts. Tools are verified when output is consistent or exceeds what Oracle would produce.
  • Data is used to supplement the Oracle License Management Services (LMS) review process.
  • Installing one of these tools is not a shield of steel against future Oracle audits: “Please note that the installation and usage of a tool from a verified vendor does not replace an Oracle License Review or Audit or revoke Oracle’s contractual right to perform a License Review or Audit.”

Oracle tool verification is provided by Oracle LMS, the same team that coordinates Oracle audits. Oracle LMS also offer help to assist companies with their broader ITAM strategy. From my experience speaking with organizations, most people would rather poke themselves in the eye than deal with Oracle LMS to help with strategy – but I would be delighted to hear from any organization happy testify otherwise.

More info here.

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