Oracle License Management: Easytrust (Vendor Profile)

11 July 2014
4 minute read

Oracle License Management: Easytrust (Vendor Profile)

11 July 2014
4 minute read

2Easytrust has been built from the ground up specifically to manage Oracle licensing. The company has a good foundation of customers in France and is now growing internationally via channel partners.

The Easytrust Oracle License Management offering consists of the following main components:

  • Agent based or agentless technology for detection and inventory of Oracle instances
  • A dashboard for Oracle License Management including optimization, contracts management and governance
  • Performance and Capacity Management for Oracle databases

Easytrust is available as on-premise or SaaS with three-month project and traditional perpetual license options.

Easytrust are an Oracle partner and offer a number of specialist services and expertise around Oracle licensing including contracts analysis, assessment of financial and compliance risks and advising clients on architectural decisions.

I found their approach to Oracle architecture to be a key competitive differentiator for Easytrust. Whilst compliance and governance are key priorities Easytrust also focus on helping clients re-architect solutions – so that organizations can navigate around Oracle licensing terms whilst also meeting business goals.

As an Oracle partner and licensing reseller they argue they are able to offer architecture expertise from an advanced position compared to non-Oracle partners, whilst protecting the clients interests with an Non disclosure agreement and not reselling licenses in case of optimization missions. This balance between licensing knowledge versus independence is discussed further in our report into SAM Managed Service Providers


The Easytrust offering include useful reporting for optimizing Oracle licensing spend such as highlighting those databases that can be downgraded from Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition within agreed Oracle license terms.

Performance and usage metrics can also be included, using the same inventory agent, to gather statistics to support architecture decisions, such as historical average load, memory usage. All of which can be reported at a server, database or application level.

Easytrust also offer beginners and advanced training in Oracle licensing rules.


  • Clean and intuitive dashboard
  • Emphasis on quality of data
  • Easy to navigate and useful reporting
  • Good inventory and configuration level data – View the context of usage and performance to aid Oracle license management decision making


  • Easytrust Spring’14 builds a contract position and builds a good inventory summary. It is possible to affect each license to inventoried servers but in the current version does not give an automatic status on compliance. The comparisons of the two data summaries must be completed in excel exports. This automatic comparison with an alerting system is planned to be released in june 2014.

Corporate Information

  • Product: Easytrust License Management
  • Version: Spring’14
  • Version Released: February 2014
  • Year Founded / Turnover: 2005 / Not disclosed
  • Total number of customers: 70

Easytrust License Management Pricing Summary

  • Pricing not disclosed
  • “All features are included in the price”

2 minute Video Overview

In their own words:

EASYTRUST LM Spring’14 is a best of breed for Oracle solution available on a cloud or on premise mode. It brings software + services bundle for license management and implements full ORACLE Software Asset Management cycle.

Easytrust LM Spring’14 provides 6 components dedicated for Oracle licenses and SAM :


  • Scan your network with agent-less technology in order to discover the existence of Oracle products.
  • Simple and fast operation
  • Adapted to environment containing many thousand machines
  • Provides initial view of your estate


  • Gather the details of your Oracle installation and view the results in the dashboard.
  • View within one page, the whole estate: machine type, virtualization, number of Oracle products used
  • Have at your disposal up to date statistics displayed as graphs and reports
  • Check at once paid options that are in use
  • Benefits from graphs that are dynamic,, clickable, and can be filtered per organization


  • Provide all of your Oracle contractual data into a detailed knowledge base
  • Current and past Oracle metrics
  • Knowledge base of all Oracle products and version
  • Input your specific contractual details
  • Assign your contracts by CSI to your deployments.


  • Define your enterprise applications
  • Define users groups accessing to these applications and define intersections, inclusions in order to determine the total number of NUP needed


  • Search for potential axis of improvement on your Oracle estate
  • Control options usage in real -time (date, frequency)
  • Discover possible consolidation options by controlling CPU and RAM consumptions on your servers
  • Eligibility of editions to be downgraded


  • Facilitate the long term monitoring of your Oracle assets and keep them under control!
  • You have a video rather than a photograph of your deployments
  • Check what has changed since your last check
  • Set up alerts for activation, or going over threshold on certain products


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