The ITAM Review 12 Box Assessment Model

26 May 2015
2 minute read
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The ITAM Review 12 Box Assessment Model

26 May 2015
2 minute read

We’ve completed a number of SAM maturity assessments for end user organisations over the last few years.

Companies typically want an external and independent perspective on their current status and some pointers on what to do next.

For organisations looking at their SAM maturity, there are two key frameworks for assessing SAM maturity: The Microsoft SAM Optimization Model and the ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard. Both are good models.

For the majority of companies we speak to the ISO standard is a sledgehammer to crack a nut (Many barely make the first rung of the ISO ladder!). So we often start with the Microsoft SAM model and it’s 10 competencies. However, we feel it has a number of limitations.

Microsoft SAM Optimization Model Limitations

  • It’s Microsoft centric
  • It’s built in a perpetual licensing world (we now face many more license types)
  • It’s built in a desktop world (In our opinion it overlooks Datacentre SAM)
  • Finally – there is not enough emphasis on people and lasting change.

Introducing the ITAM Review 12 Box Assessment Model

To correctly assess organisations and prepare them for the demands of the modern SAM department – we have built our own SAM Assessment model:

  • It’s vendor neutral
  • It’s based on twelve key competencies of a modern SAM practice
  • It’s lasting objective is SAM as business as usual and a state of audit readiness for major software suppliers
  • It recognises that SAM doesn’t happen overnight and must happen gradually as a process of continual service improvement
  • It has a good balance of people, process and technology

The video below provides an overview of the 12 box model. I very much welcome your feedback.

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