SAM MSP Group Test 2015 - The Results

15 October 2015
2 minute read
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SAM MSP Group Test 2015 - The Results

15 October 2015
2 minute read

We are pleased to publish our 2015 review of worldwide SAM Managed Service Providers.

Download the full report below (no registration required):

Continued Interest in SAM MSPs

There is considerable interest in ITAM managed services, although the market is very much in it’s infancy. The key difference when buying SAM Managed services rather than SAM tools and consulting is that organizations are buying an SLA or a business outcome rather than technology.

This group test looks at the capabilities of five leading SAM Managed Service Providers: Aspera, ITAMS, SHI, Softline and SoftwareOne.

Service providers were rated based on the expertise, methodology and strength of customer references.

General market observations during the study included the SAM and licensing industry skills shortage, the scope of services and the duration of service relationships.

A growth area for Channel Partners

Key messages for channel partners delivering SAM services or considering SAM:
  • This is a huge growth area and opportunity for the channel
  • 3 core business drivers for clients (Software compliance, efficient spend, agility through better asset data)
  • Clients are jumping in because expertise is scarce
  • Clients are not using this tactically but are sticking with MSPs in the longer term, making this a long term profitable proposition.
  • With the data generated from this exercise – partners can also help clients with strategic projects (Transformation, Cloud, Virtualisation and so on)

Softline tops the table again

Softline Solutions were awarded 2015 SAM Managed Service Provider Best in Class for the second time for highest overall score and providing a good mixture of relevant expertise, savvy methodology and strong customer references.


Report Contents Summary

  • Introduction
  • Featured Providers
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Market Observations
  • Buyers Guide to selecting an MSP – General Advice
  • The Results – 2015 SAM Managed Service Provider Best in Class
  • Individual Provider Summaries

Download the full report here:

The 2013 report, published January 2014, is available here.

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