Oracle cloud growth built on sand

01 April 2016
3 minute read
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Oracle cloud growth built on sand

01 April 2016
3 minute read

The ITAM Review Podcast: Episode 20


Sanj Santora, TmaxSoft

In this podcast I speak with Sanj Sanotra from TmaxSoft.

Sanj (an ex-Oracle LMS auditor) and I talk about his experiences at Oracle.

Sanj suggests that the majority of Oracle’s current cloud sales in the UK are offered as a resolution to audit settlements. I.e. Oracle says we’ll make that audit nastiness go away if you buy our cloud.

Oracle Cloud only represents single digits in Oracle revenue, but quarterly financial calls tout it as the Promised Land. I wonder how their investors would feel if they found out the database giant was not actually selling most cloud based software on customer demand but only based on audit settlements?

Dan Woods writes in Fortune of the Audit-Deal-Cloud rinse cycle. For ITAM Review readers we recommend that SAM is the perfect antidote to cloud blackmail.

Sanj also provides his insights into the LMS perspective of the recent Mars vs. Oracle case that was settled out of court. Sanj suggests that internally Oracle LMS and Sales reps were urged to find a commercial resolution to Oracle on VMware because a legal precedent would destroy a lucrative cash cow for LMS. Sanj suggests that the ability to win is purely down to the confidence of the customer, as proven by Mars.


Topics covered:

  • Oracle and unethical behavior
  • Using threat of audits to advance sales
  • Oracle LMS soft targets, motivations and the greater good
  • In 2014 50% of Oracle UK database revenue was from audit led engagements
  • The threat of Oracle legal versus finding a commercial solution
  • Not rolling over, VMware and Mars vs. Oracle
  • When to strategically use a SAM specialist to deflate Oracle audit dirty tricks
  • Exploring Oracle alternatives
  • Majority of Oracle’s cloud sales in the UK are the result of an audit deficit whereby Oracle cloud was offered as a resolution.

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