SAM Managed Services Provider Standard V1.0

18 July 2017
4 minute read
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SAM Managed Services Provider Standard V1.0

18 July 2017
4 minute read
SAM Managed Services Provider

ITAM Review Certification for SAM Managed Services Providers

In 2013 and 2015 we’ve conducted group tests based on competitive comparisons of SAM Managed Services providers. You can see the previous research here:

For 2017 we are developing this into a certification. The ITAM Review will assess organizations against the SAM Managed Services Provider Standard (This article ) and offer certification for organisations meeting the standard. Reviews of service providers will be supported by two (2) onsite visits with customers to verify the quality of service being delivered.

SAM Managed Service Providers – The ITAM Review Standard

We are publishing this standard so that others may add or critique it – please provide your feedback via the comments below, contact us or discuss it in our forum.


  • Expertise 33%
  • Company, Infrastructure and Methodology 33%
  • Customer references 33%

Assessment Questions, Managed Service Providers will be assessed regarding the following topics: 

Expertise (33%)

  1. Please provide a high level overview of your experience delivering this service and examples of successes delivered as a result of the service
  2. How long have you been providing this service?
  3. Number of active customers or completed projects?
  4. How many full time staff do you have dedicated to this service?
  5. For the key software publishers managed as part of your service (e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP etc.) – provide details of the key 
individuals responsible and their qualifications and experience in managing specific publishers. Please specify individual team member, publisher expertise, qualifications relevant to that publisher and whether that team member if a contract, full time or shared resource.

Company, Infrastructure & Methodology (33%)

  1. Which department or business unit is this service aligned to within your company?
  2. Please provide a high level overview (or example) of the service level agreement provided to customers:
  3. What is typically in scope for your service (Environment type, geography, language, license types, environment size)? What is out of 
scope and how are out of scope issues managed with the client?
  4. Provide a high level overview of the ‘on boarding’ process for new customers.
  5. How do you manage the maturity of clients processes and validate the data they provide to support the service?
  6. What steps are usually taken to help improve the customer’s situation based on the output of reports?
  7. Provide a high level overview of the technology that underpins your service
  8. Provide a high level overview of the methodologies that underpins your approach to delivering your service:
  9. Are you paid to complete projects on behalf of software publishers?
  10. Do you sell or profit from the sale of licensing, tools and technology or consulting?
  11. Provide an overview of your process for helping customers with formal audit requests from publishers
  12. Describe your process for sharing client data

Customer References (33%)

To complete the customer reference process customers will be interviewed (onsite) in the following areas:

  • Reporting & Quality of Information
  • Customer Service / Responsiveness
  • Licensing Expertise
  • Audit Defence Expertise
  • Overall Quality of Service

If you have any questions or enhancements to this standard please leave a message in the comments or contact us.

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