Community Survey: Software Publisher Audits during COVID-19

30 July 2020
2 minute read
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Community Survey: Software Publisher Audits during COVID-19

30 July 2020
2 minute read

Software Publisher Audits during Covid-19

Software Publisher Audits during COVID-19

Have software publisher audits stepped up as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak?

Auditing customers is a tried and tested means of generating revenue for software publishers during a downturn – but has the threat of audits materialised? Please share your views via our audit census here:

UPDATE: Poll now closed, view the full results here:

The aim of the survey is to identify current auditing levels, which vendors are most active, and any changes in techniques that ITAM Review readers should be aware of. All results will be published on the ITAM Review later in 2020.

Please share your views.

Our previous audit census from 2016 suggested the average audit takes 7.13 months and consumes 194.15 work hours. How has the audit landscape changed since then? Please share your views.

2016 Audit Census Results – Summary

  • Software vendor audits block software market competition and hinder customer innovation
  • Software audits have become a business as usual feature in the IT department with the average audit taking an average 194.15 working hours to resolve with a duration of 7.13 months. IT departments are wasting time trying to interpret licensing terms and defending audits rather than exploring competitive solutions or reviewing their true requirements.
  • Oracle maintains atrocious audit reputation, followed by IBM and Attachmate (now Microfocus)
  • Friendlier ‘reviews’ from the likes of Microsoft are also anti-competitive


Community Survey: Audits during COVID-19


  • The survey only has 8 quick questions and will only take a minute to complete
  • It is completely anonymous
  • All results will be published in full on The ITAM Review later this year


Thanks for your help. Martin

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