“Get out there and see what more ITAM can do” ITAM Forum podcast

26 October 2022
3 minute read
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“Get out there and see what more ITAM can do” ITAM Forum podcast

26 October 2022
3 minute read

AJ Witt recently interviewed Rachel Ryan for the ITAM Forum’s latest Change Makers podcast series. Below is an extract from the accompanying article.

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If you’re looking for an ITAM mentor, you should look no further than Rachel Ryan. We were lucky to get a 30-minute slot in her busy calendar as First Vice President – Global Head of IT Asset Management at Danske Bank.

Rachel has more than 25 years of software, hardware, licensing and ITAM programme design and strategy experience. At Danske Bank, she manages a team responsible for all asset management activity globally. She is an ITAM Forum Trustee and a member of the judging panel at the SAM Awards Europe. In 2021, her team won the Project of the Year award at the ITAM Excellence Awards.

Taking ITAM to the next level

Rachel joined Danske Bank in 2019, managing the bank’s global ITAM processes and teams based in the UK, Lithuania and Denmark. She started by looking at the bank’s ITAM processes and governance, upskilling the teams and maturing their major vendor management. Then, it was about taking it all to the next level.

“Because we had done quite well in the first year, we were asked to also manage Hardware Asset Management, so we set up a governance team and brought in some external resources to help us with HAM best practices. We also set up a team in India and started working on renewals management with a focus on cost savings.

We also did a maturity assessment against the ISO ITAM standard and took on improvement areas for both SAM and HAM. We had already done quite well in the first SAM assessment, but when we did it again, we came out at 98% against the ISO ITAM standard.”

Rachel Ryan, Danske Bank

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Hosts: AJ Witt and Jennifer Carr

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