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  1. Unparalleled Expertise: We’ve curated a line-up of industry leaders who possess deep knowledge and experience in ITAM, SaaS, FinOps, and cloud technologies. Be prepared to learn from the best!
  2. Timely and Relevant Topics: Stay ahead of the curve as we address the most pressing challenges and opportunities in today’s ITAM landscape. From optimizing software costs to leveraging cloud resources efficiently, our sessions cover it all.
  3. Practical Insights for the real world: Our focus is on actionable takeaways. Our speakers will provide practical insights, best practices and case studies that you can implement immediately to enable cumulative benefits for your organization by discovering how to gain full visibility and drive value from ITAM, SaaS and cloud.

The Tech Talks series is an unmissable opportunity to explore the power of ITAM, SaaS and cloud computing. Uncover the dark matter in your IT universe by signing up for the series today.

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Episode Synopses

Tech Talks Episode 1 – See Beyond ITAM
Tackling ITAM Head-On: Strategies for Success in a Rapidly Evolving Landscape 

In this Tech Talk, Rich Gibbons speaks to Chris Sines, Investec, on the challenges facing ITAM professionals today – and how to see beyond them. Together, they discuss the importance of ITAM in the short and long term, what one must consider when choosing an ITAM tool in the cloud era, and how to unlock opportunities for cost optimization, innovation and growth.They delve into topics such as business requirements, management overheads, and the ability to monitor and track assets across hybrid environments seamlessly. Furthermore, the conversation highlights the significance of robust reporting and analytics features, which enable organizations to gain actionable insights and make informed decisions regarding asset management and optimization. Ultimately, the discussion provides valuable guidance on selecting an ITAM tool that can effectively meet the unique needs and complexities of a hybrid IT landscape.



Tech Talks Episode 2 – See Beyond SaaS 

The State of SaaS Management in 2023: Challenges and Opportunities 

In this Tech Talk, AJ Witt & James Moy, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, discuss the challenges of managing Software as a Service (SaaS) in today’s digital landscape. They explore how the growing number of SaaS applications, and the lack of centralized control, can lead to issues including: poor visibility, data security risks and escalating costs and how to leverage their playbook for building a comprehensive SaaS management strategy. The conversation sheds light on the growing importance of SaaS management, emphasizing the need for comprehensive visibility, cost optimization, and security in the context of ever-evolving technology landscapes. They delve into topics such as license compliance, user access management, data privacy, and the role of automation and analytics in streamlining SaaS management processes. Whether you’re a SaaS manager, IT professional, or simply interested in learning more about SaaS management, this Tech Talk is a valuable resource for seeing beyond the SaaS you know.  



Tech Talks Episode 3 – See Beyond Cloud 

The ITAM &FinOps Mashup: Maximizing Cost Efficiency and Minimizing Financial Waste 

In this engaging Tech Talk, Rich Gibbons and Amy Ashby, Under Armour, discuss the synergy between ITAM and FinOps. They explore how effective ITAM and FinOps practices can establish a common language that can help both departments work together to optimize cost management, reduce financial waste, and enhance overall IT efficiency.The integration of ITAM and FinOps creates a symbiotic relationship that empowers organizations to gain comprehensive visibility into their IT infrastructure, expenditures, and financial impact. When ITAM and FinOps professionals collaborate effectively, they can leverage each other’s expertise to drive financial accountability and IT optimization across the organization.Whether you’re an ITAM or FinOps professional, or simply interested in learning more about this powerful relationship, this Tech Talk is a valuable resource for you.



Tech Talks Episode 4 – See Beyond with ITAM, SaaS and Cloud
ITAM Convergence: A new theory of everything 

In this Tech Talk, Rich Gibbons talks to George Arezina, ITAM Leader, about harnessing the power of ITAM with SaaS management, FinOps, IaaS Cloud, Open Source, AI and much more. Throughout their insightful discussion, they delve into the profound implications of this convergence for ITAM leaders and the broader organization. They examine how this transformative trend opens up new horizons and opportunities, unlocking the potential for enhanced cost optimization, improved compliance, bolstered security measures, sustainable practices, innovation-driven initiatives, alongside professional growth. Watch now and commence your journey to the future of ITAM today.

This event is brought to you by The ITAM Review & Snow Software. When you register for the webinars, your data will be supplied to both parties for the purpose of delivering the event and following up after. More details about how we use your data can be found in our privacy policy here.

Key Takeaways

Calling all ITAM, FinOps and Business professionals!

Learn more about the importance and power of IT Asset Management (ITAM), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and FinOps with our exclusive key takeaways.

  • Are you looking to better understand the world of ITAM and discover how to grow this business-critical area? Our comprehensive key takeaways break down the strategies and best practices across tools, processes, and stakeholder management to help you drive ITAM
    success internally and beyond.
  • For SaaS, we help you understand the current landscape, identify where to start with quick wins to show success internally, and focus on the importance of data across your organization. Learn how employee experience can be enhanced through modern SaaS management in keeping your entire organization happy.
  • Next up, learn more about FinOps – and its pivotal relationship with ITAM. Get the latest stats on public cloud spend and understand more about how to align the two complimentary disciplines as we take you through the 3-stage adoption process to help build a collaborative
  • Finally, we look at the convergence of SaaS and Cloud and what that means for the modern ITAM leader. We consider future challenges and opportunities and how exponential growth can be achieved via this interlock.

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See you in the future of technology management!


This event is brought to you by The ITAM Review & Snow Software. When you register for the webinars and the Key Takeaways document, your data will be supplied to both parties for the purpose of delivering the event and following up after. More details about how we use your data can be found in our privacy policy here.


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    Rich Gibbons
    Managing Director, ITAM Review
    Rich has almost 15 years’ experience in the world of IT and software licensing, having been both a software sales manager for a VAR and a Microsoft licensing endorsed trainer. A Northerner renowned for his shirts, Rich is a fan of most films, Hip-Hop, travel, football in general (and specifically MUFC), Marvel and reading as many books as possible. Finding ways to combine these with software licensing is always fun.
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    AJ Witt
    ITAM Industry Analyst, ITAM Review
    AJ Witt is ITAM Industry Analyst at The ITAM Review. Previous to joining the ITAM Review team in April 2018, he was Software Asset Manager for Carnival UK, operators of the P&O & Cunard cruise lines. Coming from a background in IT Infrastructure technical operations IT Security & Compliance, AJ is well-placed to share his experience of how dynamic SAM teams can build mutually-beneficial stakeholder engagement.
  • foto
    Chris Sines
    Head of Software Asset Management, Investec
    Chris Sines is a Swedish national who has worked in the financial services industry since 2000 with significant time spent in London, NY, and Johannesburg. Following various roles at Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank and HSBC in the management of financial data suppliers, he joined Investec in 2015 to run the software asset management capability. When his 3 children have managed not to suck the life out of him, he enjoys playing tennis under the African sun. He’s also a Dad survivor of 6 year old twins.
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    James Moy
    ITAM Program Manager, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    I’ve been in the ITAM industry for over 25 years and have built six iTAM programs at various companies throughout my career. I look forward to the unique challenges of building a sustainable ITAM program. I enjoy crafting solutions around the ITAM, SAM, and ITIL pillars because each area has its unique nuances. I enjoy seeing the big picture and working to design solutions and process workflows and creating a long-term vision of getting from where we are now to a self-sustaining workable ITAM program. I enjoy training and educating those that have questions about ITAM, SAM, and ITIL, as well as those starting their careers in the industry.
  • foto
    Amy Ashby
    FinOps Lead, Under Armour
    I have been in IT for 20+ years and have held various technical roles from datacenter operations to systems/infrastructure engineering to DevOps/SRE to FinOps. I am passionate about problem solving/troubleshooting, data analysis and translating data into easy-to-understand, actionable insights that make an impact. I also believe that relationships that are built at various levels across an organization are just an important as the data itself. I am an active member in the FinOps Foundation and a Certified FinOps Professional. I am also a co-lead of a working group in the FinOps Foundation helping to produce content around the intersection of FinOps and ITAM.
  • foto
    George Arezina
    ITAM & FinOps Consultant
    An ITAM, FinOps strategic and global leader, trusted SAM advisor and executive consultant, specializing in leading complex, multi-national organizations both strategically and operationally, implements ITAM/FinOps programs that have enabled IT executives to establish long term software investment strategies and negotiate more favorable software license and cloud agreements. Previous roles include Senior Director of IT Asset Management at Thomson Reuters, Global Head of Software Asset Management at F. Hoffmann La Roche AG and Head of Global License Operations at Deutsch Post - DHL. Winner of multiple ITAM industry awards and delivered cost savings of over $350 + million.

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  • The closing date for the competition is July 31st, 2023
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  • The Analyst call is designed to offer one off advice. Any additional follow up calls or written work would be chargeable by the ITAM Review

This event is brought to you by The ITAM Review & Snow Software. When you register for the webinars, your data will be supplied to both parties for the purpose of delivering the event and following up after. More details about how we use your data can be found in our privacy policy here.

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