ARTICLE: Why SAM Projects Fail - Lack of End User Support (Part 6/8)

02 April 2009
2 minute read
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ARTICLE: Why SAM Projects Fail - Lack of End User Support (Part 6/8)

02 April 2009
2 minute read

This article has been kindly contributed by Phara McLachlan of Animus Solutions.

The ITIL Guide to SAM highlights several possible problems that may arise when implementing Software Asset Management projects. In this series we look at some of those issues and how organisations can address them using Phara’s hands-on experience.

Why do Software Asset Management projects fail?

Part One – Conflict with Decentralisation Culture
Part Two – Lack of Senior Management Support
Part Three – Lack of Clear Responsibilities
Part Four – Customized vs. Off-the-shelf SAM Software
Part Five – Poor Communication
Part Six – Lack of End User Support
Part Seven – Underestimating Software Recognition
Part Eight – Legal Requirements

In this part we take a look at the role of buy-in from the end users in an organisation in a successful SAM implementation.

The top three reasons for lack of end-user adoption are:

• Deficient training programs
• Little to no initiatives to drive awareness of upcoming changes
• Lack of adequate testing

We work with a Fortune 500 health sciences company that achieves nearly 100% end user adoption within the first two months of any rollout. Not only is there a comprehensive training and support system in place, but the company communicates with end-users at least 2 months before the first production rollout. It allows end-users to get used to the idea and feel as if they have a stake in the new system.

What do you advise for ensuring end users in organisations are bought into your SAM projects?

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